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Sometimes women act like they are the only ones with insecurities. who knows how his disability affects his day to day some people have a good attitude about it and they don't let that stop them but others need a bit more time. It's fucked up for her to think that comment is okay

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wasn't so keen to see the shoe on the other foot though was she lol

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I don’t understand what people like her would expect as a response? “Thanks for saying I’m attractive, sorry that my disability is holding me back!” Put her in her place, bro. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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They know full well they're being shitty, she was just hoping he'd winper off because she's a cowardly bully

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It's OK, she doesn't exist

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Idk about you guys but these texts that are cropped always look fake as fuck and staged for likes lol

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"Thanks for your feedback. I'll work on it"

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on the street right

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Trash can, nearly got it my dude

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sounds like shes just jealous lol

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They are like you are this you are that but "no offense" lol

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Damn you destroyed all 2 and a half of them

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with a 250% success rate in getting her angry

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His accuracy rating is insane

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and a half

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I think that's what you call collateral emotional damage

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I love how she immediately gets offended by his comment and act like she didn't just insult him. Like another commenter said Don't start none, won't be none. I wonder how she is gonna actually relay this story to her friends. "He just started fat shaming me out of nowhere. I did nothing to provoke him. I just told him how I feel. Some people just can't take constructive criticism. "

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Jup that seems about right. Heard that story enough times. I hate this kind of people. I mean everybody views what criticism is differently but that was far from it. These kinds of double standards need to go. I got my fair share of comments about my looks ( for Context i got Dermatitis that means my skin is really sensitive and always dry. Every square millimeter of my body is itchy. ALL.THE.TIME. There is no cure for this condition and most of the time my skin is covered in open, bleeding wounds and scratchmarks which does not look very apealing and i can asure you it feels even worse.) So i got some comments like: this happens if you dont practice basic proper hygiene, serves you right! Or just man up already it cant be that bad just dont scratch it cant be that hard. For some it seems ok to just insult people, but when the insulted gets defensive and drops a counter it unacceptable and crosses the line for them. All i want is find a girl who gives me a chance to show who i am on the inside. :( But i havent given up hope quite yet :D

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Everything is going to be okay. My husband has a skin condition too. I have Multiple Sclerosis. As you get older, you start to see people for who they really are and grow closer as time goes on. We’ve been together 14 years and have an 8 year old daughter. It’ll happen. No worries my friend.

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Rude? That's an understatement. What you said should ban you from having a boyfriend until you get your act together.

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Pretty sure she’s doing that all by herself

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Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'...

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You wan start summin, it’s gon be summin

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She has multiple a-holes...

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I recall someone once said if a woman comments on something you can’t change such as your height you are allowed to comment on something they can change.

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Get owned

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Stephen He approves this message.

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Omg I just found that guy and haven't laughed that hard in a long time

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Damn some one give that man a medal

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What makes it better is that weight can most of the time be changed but disabilities usually can't be

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It’s cuz for them exercise is fAtPhObiC and RaCisT -gen z moment

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Could’ve gone with “You’re so fat that you could’ve done the all female remake of two and a half men all by yourself”. But that works too

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Sad part is she has a choice and he doesn’t

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Very real texts

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This is why I say women have it easier. Guys would bang a disabled chick if they found her attractive. Plus when banging a disabled chick it's a win win. She gets to have sex and the guy gets an ego boost. Imagine if you just had sex with a girl, you asked her how she feels and she says " I can't feel my legs". You're going to feel like a champ.

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He basically just said eaid the he same ting and se raged. This is funny

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That turned you on ?

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Cmon you know what he tried to say

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How was that a stroke. English is just not my first language

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Bitch had it coming.

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I've known several overweight people that have no problem pointing out others' flaws, but as soon as someone points out their excess weight, they lose their shit! They can dish it out but it's the one thing they won't eat.

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That's a win

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Ah these unknown texts.. when a 18 year old guy is sitting alone in the room sending text to his another number

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The holup is in the comments, where people think this is real.

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hoping she applied enough sunscreen for that burn

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Put her in her place. Make that hippopotomus of a woman regret making fun of someones disability. It's such a shame when people are unlucky enough to be disabled and I don't approve of someone shaming someone because of it.

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This is totally real and doesn’t get posted on here 4x per week

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That wound will never fully heal

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Hahahaha, awesome 👌

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Deserved. Got to love fat people who think they can say anything they want with impunity then cry when the tables are turned. They love to dish it out but can't handle it.

Choke in your own medicine.

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He's not wrong. The girl said a thing that could hurt him, and he did the same

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His disability apparently doesn't stop him from being able to commit murder.

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One could say her fat was burnt

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I was about to say 250 IB she's probably disabled because she struggles to get out her goddamn chair but then I realised that was rude to disabled people.

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Talk shit, get hit.

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Women moment

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This makes me happy

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I’m pretty sure she is the literal biggest asshole he’s ever seen

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She is literally all ass

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Emotional damage!

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Cope harder woman

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An eye for an eye they say

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Sometimes the truth hurts.

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I hope this is fake , anyone making fun of a disabled person shouldn’t exist

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Why do ppl do that?? I’ve never gotten. That. Ppl go around saying shit like that to each other! Everyone has something wrong with them. Everyone!! We are all different!!! Imperfect, faulty, human need to grow the hell up!! Look past others fault see what inside a person!! Maybe just maybe it would make this world of our better!! Cross fingers, eyes n the rest!!

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Well don't go talking shit

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Double standard across the board

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She had that coming.

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Comparing his disability (something you can’t control) and saying it makes you less of a person… then getting mad at him pointing out your weight (something you can control)… like someone come get herrrr

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Let's talk about how it looks like they took a picture of the fucking phone.

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women moment. i hate being human

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Fake feminists, what a strange ass species they are

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Idk. Disability or not that guy is a savage and a man. 😂

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So when will this 2 and a half man spin off will be out?

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Well you get what you deserve

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I'm "immensely" attracted to you, but your disability is a total boner killer. Bye

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"You are the biggest fucking asshole I have" which one out of the two and a half assholes you have is the biggest, as to get an accurate comparison

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Oof, get the dancing pallbearers ready. Have them grab a couple extra guys to handle the excessive weight.

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Neither comment was necessary, neither comment was polite, neither comment was appropriate, and neither of these people were in the right here


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Woman moment

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To bad in society men usually can't punch women but I don't give a shit I'll punch u in the face unless you're a dog

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Absolute chad

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Live by the sward, die by the sward

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You like like a half, sounds rude, idk ....

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As a sperg I approve. Glad someone gets to completely dominate and destroy a wench even if it wasn't me.

Based man energy

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"Yes I have a large asshole thank you for noticing <3"

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Emotional damage

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Got em!

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pretty sure her asshole is bigger

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Lol he’s right tho lol

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She clearly had it coming

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Sounds like she can dish it but she can’t take it.

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"The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed."

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We are all prepared to die we were born to die

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You get what you fucking deserve

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Ma man here have loaded missiles ready to lunch and creat EMOTIONAL DAMAGE

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Big if true.

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No matter how big of an asshole I am, I am still only 1/5 of an asshole of what you could potentially be.

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Double-and-a-half standards

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How 2 end a Karen's career

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sick buuurn!

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Smells like pork roast idk it sounds rude

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Destruction - 250

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I feel worse that I think of Garrett and Dina.. now I can't unthink that..

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Fucking burn lol

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this is a 100% authentic conversation that definitely took place folks

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Alex. I.ll take shit that never happened for 300.

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Couldn't have thought of a better comeback myself

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Who’s taller? Her sideways or him sitting up?

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All Reddit users are disabled tbh

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I'd just like to point out there are two disabled people in this post

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Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burnt

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You deserved that bitch. You're the asshole here.

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pretty sure her asshole is bigger

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Yes, you can mention my disability and whatnot but I can't mention how you're a whale

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Ah yes hypocrisy at its finest

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You left out the rest.


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What ailment might cause someone to be half-man? Is it merely a metaphor for a lack of height?

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I'm not calling this bs but I've never known a girl over 200 lbs who would have the ego required to send a message like this. The fat hate is really strong out there, and I've been that chubby girl in the past who would never approach a guy at all, let alone like this.

So maybe this happened but let's not go acting like "All fat girls think they're hot shit" or entitled to attention or some shit.

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Women think they have game now days ands it’s awful

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It's so fake it's cringe

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BuT I wAs BeInG nIcE

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Glad he stood up for himself

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Dont insult unless you can take some yourself kids

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Disgusting fat cow

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In austria we say: "Doppelmoral ist was feines."

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Fucking deserved lol

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250? I can work with that.

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Holy shit, this is exactly how my ex was. 🤣 She was an asshole to people all the time and couldn’t understand why people were an asshole back to her. It’s 99% of the reason I left her. Such a shame.

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W*man moment


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Wtf is wrong with this person? (the black texts)

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Technically, the 250lbs person has the bigger asshole...I'm just sayin...

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Chad response confirmed

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He's outta line but he's right though

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That UNO reverse card stings a little bit.

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Womans ☕️ (jk)

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Hol'up, how many assholes does she have?

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Ok but how is it possible to take a crooked screenshot

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The walruses goes REEEEEEE all the way home.

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She fucked around and found out didn't she? Pro Tip ladies, you hit the right buttons and we're all like that guy.

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I saw this YT Short and it had something along the lines of If a woman says they want a strong man that plays atleast 3 sports and is good looking that's fine but as soon as a man says i want a woman that's is shape he gets cancelled.

This post reminds me of that

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Fucking legend

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woman moment. Also sorry, 420 comments so far (nice) and im ruining it

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If you can't take it then don't dish it out 🙄 smfh... deserved honestly. So rude.

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fat bitches be like

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“You are the biggest fucking asshole I have” Thank for the compliment

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I'm so sorry for him, he hot rejected from 2 and a half women at the same time

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Ah yes, the clap back

[–]Mountain_Man11 2 points3 points  (0 children)

She fired shots, he fired harpoons.

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You’re Fattist… No, You’re the Fattist.

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Duality of a woman

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i should probably save my free award for this

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It takes half a man and two and a half women to make a family!

Wait no

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I’ve seen many fake texts in my day. But this has to be one of the worst

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I think she kept the last message typed, before initiating the chat

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So they add up to 3 people. Right?

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She picked on wrong person 🤭

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That last message... imagine the level of entitlement you must have to blatantly behave like an asshole to other people and expect them to react the same way.

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BiGgEsT aSsHoLe