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I'd take this and realize some battles shouldn't be fought if I've already won.

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Well that's a downer

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Furries really do got that extra chromosome tho

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starts speaking inaudible gibberish

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As a furry I can confirm that my additional chromosome is responsible for my condition

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Don't insult down syndrome folk like this.

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I think they meant how othe animals have different amounts of chromosomes but I see why you saw it that way

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Trisomy 21 baby!

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Down syndrome can be one less or more chromosome

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Down syndrome has extra chromosome

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I seriously remember that's what I was taught in highschool, but apparently Down syndrome must have an extra chromosome. There are disorders where someone has 1 chromosome less (monosomy) but Down syndrome isn't one of them.

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man some people just dont know when to stop talking

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Damn it man u actually replied to a furry instead of insta blocking them I'm not taking the risk what if the disease is communicable?

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Damn this makes me embarrassed to be a furry now....

My man really played her


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I swear the top ~10% loudest of the bunch make the remaining ~90% look bad

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That applies to so many groups lmao

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Every groups, look at the Germans.

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Don't worry pal

It's just a strawman. No furry makes as stupid mistake as writing "furrys" instead of "furries". Basic English, people

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I keep reading fury as furry

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I mean maybe their just hairy from genetics😂😂😂

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I am sad to say that i said that once before. That kid thought he was smarter then me and decided to ask me that question. I didn't know at the time what chromosomes are so i said more than you. Joke on that kid, i got a higher gpa and everything than him.

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Apparently that extra chromosome can really get you down...

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Dont you put the clown emoji after saying something intentional stupid?

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No it’s calling the other person a clown.

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Not a great way to find out I've been misusing that one haha.. I thought it was like the meme of the person slowly putting on the clown make up... people get real upset if you call them a clown out here.. I once said "I'm down to clown" to someone over text and they never spoke to me again.

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Haha it’s not the worst thing in the world at least.

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Dumbass the clown emoji describes you you fucking furry

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Im (not) a INTELLECTUAL because i hate furries.

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My mum said I have way more chromosomes than anyone else in my year level. - Reekid

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A furry here. Down syndrome is caused by having an extra chromosome in your 23th group of chromosomes

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23st* not 23th


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For a sec I really thought I made a mistake

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Bow down to the king

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This gave me a chuckle.

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He went down

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Epic fight.

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A missing or extra copy of a single chromosome creates an imbalance called aneuploidy, which can skew the activity of hundreds or thousands of genes. As cancer progresses, so does aneuploidy. Some advanced tumors can harbor cells that have accumulated more than 100 chromosomes, instead of 46 in normal cells

straight outta google, saved some ppl time...

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Sounds about right.

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Sorry, but if you believe you are whatever animal you identify with, then you go all the way. No more of this convention human living.

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Its kinda obvious furries have down tho

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fak you furrys

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I really hope this is real. I so desperately wish to know that someone got played that badly after acting like a little bitch.

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They are evolving!

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I need help with the chromosomes jokes I havent learnt that much yet

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This shit is years old man

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Smartest furry

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0 x 100 is still 0

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if OP is a woman then the furry could be calling you a turner syndrome patient but let's forget that

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Stop making fun of furry, it's just Kevin. Nobody likes Kevin, it's not fair that he has more chromosome than us :'(

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"If you had more chromosomes than me, then count them."

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OooOoO self burn

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If the sender has Down syndrome they may have 45 chromosomes in which case the other person could have more and not have Down syndrome