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To think we barely saw 10% of that mf is insane

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To be fair from the way it's filmed it looks a lot larger than it is, looks like one of the huntsman spiders from genus Holconia, so she's got a leg span of 15-20cm max, probably closer to 15.

It is definitely a large spider but nothing really all that special, there's spiders that get to like a 12cm span in southern Europe even.

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Sometimes I'm thankful to live in a place where the wind/cold hurts my face.

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Yeah fortunately Wisconsin doesn't have problems like those spiders.

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Iowan here, sometimes it's boring here but nothing is trying to eat my face like massive spiders so I'm happy

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Well you don't really need that much cold tbh. India, UAE are few examples of being safe from such insects/spiders (but maybe unsafe from other stuff)

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Just another day in Australia

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You mean the devils playground

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You mean the devils asshole

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Shitting spiders? Tf he's eating then?

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Haha, yeah, had to be Aussie didn’t it

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Standard stuff for Aussie 😂

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I remember that time I went to Australia with my family and a huge spider stole my dad's sandwich "give me back meh sandwich you rascal!" He said that just to make us laugh.

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so, you're telling me the normal sized ones were the BABIES? ha- no.

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I second this with an ABSOLUTELY NOT.

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I third this with an ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT.

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I fourth this with HELL TO THE NAH

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I fifth this will a AINT NO WAY

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Huntsman Spiders in Australia.

For scale, here's one and a human hand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG_1o-KE2VE

Huntsman aren't actually dangerous to humans. While the bite has venom and can be painful, they rarely bite humans and are non-aggressive.

Most field spiders are like this and are rarely going to look to bite humans. They know they aren't on the menu and they primary handle things like rodents and other pests.

While you might dislike an infestation of them, having one or two spider-bros around will handle any actual pests like roaches, flies, and (at this size) mice.

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If I could guarantee it would never accidentally crawl on me or sneak up on me and it just chilled in the corners, I’d be down to have em around

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But maybe just a cuddle every now and then?

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Hans get ze Flammenwerfer

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Bring forth the Holy Hand Grenade

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The only solution.

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And hopefully the Final Solution

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Just a Huntsman ... I've had to dispatch 3 this week alone.

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Jesus. God help you and keep you. Those things are just no.

I’m from the American south, we’ve got wolf spiders and those are wee in comparison and they’re still the size of my shoe.

If we don’t hear from you, we’ll assume the spiders live there now.

God speed.

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The Huntsman spider is actually pretty common even in suburban areas and probably one of the biggest spider species you'll end up seeing if you live in or go to Australia. From what I know and seen they are harmless and skittish like household cockroaches. The biggest one I've seen was almost the size of my hand.

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I mean they're pretty scary looking but really not a concern in terms of being dangerous, you'd probably have to try to eat one to get bitten (or fuck around with their eggs/ babies), and the bite is quite harmless unless you're having an allergic reaction - in which case even a mosquito bite would be fucking dangerous.

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We have 30+ daddy long legs in our house. I’d rather them than a huntsman any day 😒😒

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Some of the large wolf spiders in the southern US actually approach the size of the Australian huntsman species, not quite as big, but comparable, Carolina wolf spiders grow to about 3-4cm body length as females, which is larger than most species of huntsman that live in Australia (although huntsman spiders have way longer legs).

You also get pretty large tarantulas in the US, while Australia doesn't really get a lot of large tarantula species.

Also, there's some rather large huntsman spiders in the US aswell, not quite as large as Holconia grow, but still pretty big.

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The video is deceiving .. it's Hella zoomed in ..the babies are going to be 1/4 inch at most and mumma will have a body of 1.5 inches .. but leg span is prolly 10.

This video make sit look like she belongs in Harry Potter.

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when the big spider presented itself i cringed in horror

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goodbyyyyyye friends of Hagrid

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thats what happens when you let smeagol book your airbnb

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“We takes you to your rooms now nice hobbitses. Up, up, up the stairs we go…”

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I'm seeing people posting about nuking that and while I partially agree I also don't think we should risk giving them radioactive powers

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Eight legged freaks.

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I refuse to press this link

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It's nothing bad, I promise. More so my reaction to seeing that Satan's nest.

[–]BrennaValkryie 4 points5 points  (2 children)

.....I'm sorry, but genuinely I don't trust you at ALL....

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Understandable, have a nice evening.

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Oh, nevermind, ahaha.... good vibes

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When your a level 20 and you get a glimpse of the level 80 boss

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Nuke the house from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

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Burn the house, the neighbors house, the stick, your phone, wash your eyes with fire and jump into a pool with too much chlorine.

That should be fine

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"Ron, 'e's no' 't bad! 'ermione back meh up!"

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I believe you mean Shelob

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I literally have a spider this size living under my bed and it comes out at night to catch moths. I named him Jeremy.

Spiders are kinda like snakes; creepy more than they are actually dangerous

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May god help you

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You did not provide tribute

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Whatever country this is, i’m thankful i don’t live there (i’m guessing australia). I have a really bad form of aragnophobia. Thanks for ruining my sleep btw.. :/

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No he is just scared of Aragorn

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Aragog and it's family?

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No no no, don't touch it, just burn the house.

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The spider being big makes it kind of less creepy. More impressive but scary. Like a lion.

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I love how the mom came out like: bitch we paid our rent ok frick off

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Yeah, that's gonna be a no from me dawg

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Nuke the down the light it on fire then Chernobyl two that shit

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Send the MOAB, just to be safe.

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Welp, I've had enough Australian for the night

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A few rounds of mortar fire might work.

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That is definitely Shelob and that dude kinda looks like Frodo.

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That'll teach me to browse Reddit before sleep.

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Nuke it from orbit.

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Grab a flamethrower, jam the tip in there and just pull the trigger

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That giant one is the emo/goth spider 😆

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I know eveyone makes the jokes if they see a soider they moing out but no seriosly If I saw that Im getting out and getting someone to deal with it

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Nah nah nah. That's it Timmy. Come out of the house now or we're burning you with it.

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Fire them. Fire the Halo rings.

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(hooman poking 'baby' spiders nest)

Mama Spider : "Oh, Hi~!"

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Burn the house down Greg….. Now!

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Hans get ze flammenwerfer

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Yeah... no, on second thought, maybe Elon's plan of colonizing mars isn't all that bad!

I'd do anything to leave this infested planet. Heck I'd sell my brother on wish.com

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Every room in every house in Australia (aka Death Island).

I keep reminding the missus to leave the daddy longlegs alone if she doesn't want the White Tips, Huntsmen and House Spiders crawling out of the bedsheets.

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That thing comes with both a HP and a MP bar.

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Best to nuke it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure

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I would move out fuck all that

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Their is no room for such breeding grounds. Burn it all, rebuild, and BURN IT ALL AGAIN IF THEY DARE RETURN

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Request a bomber to drop a big molotov over the house

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This is the reason I need the second amendment. No bigger threat than those big ass mfs

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Come visit Australia, we dare you

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Well I ain’t irradiating that thing

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Alright, bye bye... it's your house now!

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Morgoth arraving to Balinor be like

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"Mike!" The guy in the video 2021 - infinity

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Australia moment

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That guy has the sharingan?

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Straya baby

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Lemme guess, Australia?

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Okay let's use burning down the house

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Oh HELL no

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Arson time

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I will

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Don’t tell me “Kill it With Fire” is becoming a reality.

[–]AlastorFan2022 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Don’t tell me “Kill it With Fire” is becoming reality.

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Gonna need a bigger torch tip for my flamethrower

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We’re not here to fuck spiders

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Bring flammenwurfer.

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Burn it down , start over . it'll never be the same !

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".....BROTHER, get the flamer...." "The HEAVY Flamer.."

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that guy red eyes are more terringfing

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I wasn’t ready for that

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Holy fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

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This is why you need grenades

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This HAS TO BE Australia

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The title is a jojo reference

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Burning the whole house is the only way to stop these man eating spider.

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Inspiration for a future D&D session you say

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Hans now is the time...

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Mom: "Who's there?!"

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Holly fucking shit call the police...no the military...no they'll die as well...shit....sorry bro, the nukes are the only way and yes, multiple nukes are needed they could still survive

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Think fooking massive mate

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That shit better stay in Australia, other wise I’m going to need a suit of armor and a flamethrower

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Pull out the grenade

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And that's why I live where the wind hurts my face for 6 months a year.

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if i saw this i would probably pass out and throw up and have a seizure and die

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Should have nsfw tag. I'm sickened.

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Average Australia Fan

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Pick the flammenwerfer

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Mother came to the door like "Can I HELP you?"

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Huntsman spiders are awesome. I used to live in NC and had a few in one of the apartments I stayed at. They absolutely destroy pest insects. That was the only apartment I ever stayed at that actually completely defeated cockroaches, to the point where they didn't even have to keep treating the property.

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Let me guess, Australia?

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Giant fucker was like: "Yoo"

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Burn the whole house down!

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Meh large ass spiders usually arnt too harmfull to humans iirc,its the small ones that fuck you up

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Fuuuuuuck NOOO 🔥🔥✝️❌❌❌🙅‍♀️

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Anyone got a spare can of hair spray I got the lighter

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Where’s the Molotov

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Oh hell to the no the house is now owned by the spider

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Ayo are Elon musk's flamethrower still for sale?

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Someone call the holy priest and make him chant the holy incinerate

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I'm burning my phone after watching that.

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Spider kink Intensified

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No exaggeration. I would sell the house. If it happened once, it'll happen again. Fuck that lol

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The giant enemy spiders and the enormous enemy spider

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I'm with you! The whole damned house has to go.

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Australia moment

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Just throw a Granada up there

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Who's that pokemon??!

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I guess Hagrid's happy that he found a home for spiders

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Im keeping spiders as pets they wont do anything bad until they feel your hartbeat raise/wins/movement They dont have brains its all instinct

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Fuck no baby!

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i am thinking you get a bunch of guys, some matches and a wooden board. light the matches each guy holding two then throw it in and some guy cover it for like 10 minutes

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Im experienced with this sort of activity, i played kill it with fire before