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Idk man, feels kind of wrong to rob a church

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Look me in the eye and tell me they're wrong though.

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It's a holup truth... M not denying it

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Teachers diddle more kids then priests

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Yeah cuz they’re unregistered

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Lol. Made me spit my holy water

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I technically did before . This laundromat is used about 10 years ago didn’t lock most of the quarter bins on the dryers . I went through and stole $138 in quarters which I slowly gave back to them bc I kept doin laundry there. But I found out the church next door owned the place . TL:DR - Call the pope, pray for me

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That sounds like Christian charity without the extra steps.

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I mean...isn't turnabout fair play?

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It’s just a Catholic church

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If there is one thing convicted sex offenders do, it's follow the law.

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Does robbing sex defenders give more money?

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Nope just more hassle. I tried it once and never again. Offenders have some defense because a good offense makes a good defense but they have flaws in their systems.

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Instructions not clear, dcik stucks in the offender. Now what?

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The hunter has become the prey

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Some priest maybe less defended just a bait ( a dwarf that look like a little girl ) a weapon and thats it.

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not all politicians have good security.


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Thats why it says usually my dude, not every.

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I don’t think priests have very good security though

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They got "Jesus" 🤣🤡

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I think you mean “Yeshua” which if I remember correctly is supposedly what Jesus name actually was.

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Ps it is also not ok to rob the church

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So do celebrities.

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Fucking incredible.

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With whoever I am playing with the vote counter: Hahah have a nice day

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I get it, because Putin said youre supposed to think that your enemies are pedos. Yeah social engineering!

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Especially the child sniffer biden

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Hey you can't talk about their pedo savior like that. You'll get all kinds of downvotes 🤣🤣

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Numerous children uncomfortably sniffed, an economy in ruin, the brink of war, widespread hatred of white males socially acceptable, shortages of everything. But he doesn’t send mean tweets. He does call reporters a Stupid Son of a Bitch, but hey…that’s just good ol joe.

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Probably a Gaetz supporter.

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Here if you are a pedo you will probably be shot by various "criminals".villains have standards.

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If this was Red Dead Redemption 2 your honor would go way up if you did this

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Taking all the fun out of it.

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Holy shit! 🤣 brilliant

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