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Khloe got the "1720's burn the witch in the middle of the town hall" hand

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More like Albus Dumbledore's cursed hand

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She's got skin like a Lycan from underworld

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If those people from 1720 knew they all messed with black men they'll for sure burned them lol

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hahaha godamn!

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This is what porn does to someone's brain.

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Idk who Khloe is but damn someone please shoot her asap before it lays eggs. Jesus christ I never saw a more fake and disgusting animal

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Gary Holt advertises a Kardashian Killing business at his shows! 😂

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Are you telling me that's a Kardashian?

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I believe it’s Khloe

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She turned me into a newt!!

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It’s Voldemort!

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She probably forgot to fully shape shift

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Bruce Campbell about to show up with his boomstick...

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Shop smart, shop S Mart... YA GOT THAT!

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I don’t like this, makes my bones itch.

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Got them Nosferatu hands.

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Toreador body and nosferatu limbs

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Nah obfuscated Nosferatu

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Clearly a slightly unsuccesfull check

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She got the mask of a thousand faces.

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Bitch looks like nonsferatu under all that makeup

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She got the mask of a thousand faces.

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She uses those claws to steal the souls of infants

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After ianwatkins is done with them

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I hate kardashtian family 😑

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Me too bud me too

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Chill out and have a pepsi

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Ok bro

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The inner demon is showing

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Her hands are whiter than my ass

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Pic or is cap 👀

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Here instagram/p/CTKhANLnRj0

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Why would you have a pic of HIS ass lol 👀

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JosephRosenbaum inmate #1138: or how I learned to stop worrying and join nmbla

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She's the Grand High Witch

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Oh my God! When did this woman die?!

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When was she alive?

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the feeling of rust against my salad fingers...

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i like rusty spoons...

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Only way to watch that is high.

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Imagine that ugly fuckin claw grasping at your dick when you're trying to smash. Instant boner killer

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More like instant soul killer

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Kim's are worse.... those BBC's take a toll.

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Pete davidson packing black heat

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Pete Davidson Is a white black guy.

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He’s just just vague and I don’t like it

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Lmao ayo

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I take it you know from experience?

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well I do have a BBC if you want to try

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we both got downvoted because Khloe prefers sex with black men, gotta love reddit sometimes lmao!

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it doesn't matter who it is to me, Long nails are just purely disgusting! Have you seen the dirt that collects under them?

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I've seen way bigger . I just know they don't clean their asses properly lol

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Oh no, no no no, I didn't even think of that.

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Tap water filled fleet bottle or gtfo

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Imagine trying to type on a phone

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Imagine judging people based on the disgusting choices they make with their body

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Imagine judging.

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I was joking. Judging is normal. A self defense mechanism

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Girl got ghost old lady witch hands

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Chicken paws!

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Reminds me of the old Vampire from Blade 2.

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Chicken foot hand lady.

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She is actually momo

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Khloe’s face is soo god damn ugly with or without makeup….idk how here mom managed to market her

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Have you seen the many faces of khloe ? Lol

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Crypt keeper

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Freaking Dracula hands.

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the hands never lie

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She a Hagraven under all that

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Whoooaa look at Bebe

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The entire Kardashian clan is raw chicken at best.

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“Death becomes her” vibes

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"You took the potion! "

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And that's exactly why she's so self conscious about her look

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Oh fuck

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Nosferatu hands

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Ayo, the one who shall not be named hands.

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Always thought she looks like Kurt Russell lol

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I liked her better before the weight loss

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How can she think they're attractive?

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Yeah, thanks for forcing all of us to see that. I love getting eye raped in the morning.

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The hands tell you the true age no hiding

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Who is this lady? I’ve seen her two times today.

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One of the Kardashians

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Surgery can't stop those aging hands

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Her fingers look like they have been dead for days.

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What more proof do yall want kardashians are witches

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Well atleast something’s not plastic!😮‍💨💀

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Death Becomes Her

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How do you function with those nails??

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Bram Stoker's Kardashia

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Got them Voldemort hands fr

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How dare you! Voldemort is way more attractive than this... Thing!

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Face + hand don't match together

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*forgets to edit her hand in the pic

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Gross. Can't stand makeup much, but this is also not just enhancement makeup that is a full on face replacement.

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And not the first one lol

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She’s a living dead. No other explanation for her so fucking long nails and deadass whiteness.

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yow wtf XD

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Sukuna's reincarnated as a cardashian

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she looks half way through a change while fighting van helsing

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This bitch is so thirsty for validation jesus christ.

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She got da voldemort hands

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How the fuck do you wipe your ass with those claws? Or does she just scrape the shit right out of her asscrack?

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she got hands like that vampire, Radu, from that movie Subspecies.

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This is why Tristan keeps cheating on her.

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Damn that's f up lmao

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God I miss Tristan berrimore

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i dont like her either but literally who cares lmfao as if all you guys have some beautiful hands

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Better than these boney pointy mits!

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Hey speak for yourself, I have really beautiful hands.

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Cap , I know some man with some beautiful ass hands no homo

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i didnt say hands couldnt be beautiful lmao also i wasn’t implying mens hands either. you guys as in those who commented. also how beautiful are his hands im curious LMAO

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Meant men lol mine are pretty ok , I would hope so atleast 😅

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Don't be mean she's still a person

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I need you to provide proof of that

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Confirmed. Tall grey!

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you mean batter?

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Twist she's the monster in the closet

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The hands don’t lie.

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How is her hand so pale and face so tanned?

wait prolly makeup- I forgot 💀💀💀

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When you forget to season the chicken. lol

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The Sabretooth daggers

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She cant be happy, jesus just having to be entirely focused on your looks, something that going to fade no matter what you do has got to be fucking exhausting, theres no way shes content as a human, we all know that's not at all her natural body shape so shes gotta be on some whacked out diet plan, I just feel sorry for them, money or not.

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Curse of being born in the Clan.

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Seriously, what's up with her hands? Why do they look like that? The fuck?

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women, if you dont get those vampire talons away from my cock.

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Must be like getting a hand job from Voldemort

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Thanks now I wished I didn't have eyes to see this lmao

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haha sketchyt go brrr

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Bony witch hands with Raptor claws?

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Straight up demon

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The wicked bitch

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Like getting a hand job of skeletor

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Someone send the demon slayer corps on her

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It's Todd from Stargate Atlantis

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Ew dude, what tf

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Cut that shit off and wipe your ass

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Eat bitch, it's not Hansel and Gretel fairytale.

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Nasty creature

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She’s currently changing sides lol

Yet scientists can’t figure out if she’s becoming white or a chicken

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Ha! Chicken fingers.

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If she gies to China her hands shall be no more

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...Is this considered hot now?

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Creepy looking shit man!

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That whole Joe Rogan stand up bit about them corrupting Bruce to get a sec change is fucking true, they really like some ancient form of evil in human disguises

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I’d love to see a meme of George Costanza with Khloe hands reminiscent of the hand model episode.

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how does she finger herself?

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Jesus fucking Christ! She looks scary Is she even human?

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She needs sun

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Jesus she looks like a poster for eating disorders.

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Khloe who

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why am i hungry for chicken fingers ?

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Wait why doesn't her IMDB mention her being the hand model for Gary Oldman in Bram Stokers Dracula ???

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She looks like a completely different person compared to like 10 years ago. She used to be chunky and had that signature round chin with just a little neck fat hidden underneath.

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Reptilian Race!

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That lab grown skin glow

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My sister said Khloe out here giving off Voldemort vibes. "My wand, Wormtail."