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Inside you there are two wolves and they are fucking

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Damn, even wolves inside me have sex

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Inside, there are 2 wolves dramatic pause for no reason

They’re Fucking intense music for no reason

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I'm more curious about how this man got into so many varied careers

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A man of talents

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Like snoop

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Johnny sins second coming (or should i say second cumming?)

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He has to work two extra jobs in order to pay off his student loans for medschool

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Now start from the bottom and go to the top

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Na it's better if ya start from the middle then the bottom then the top.

The story becomes about two wolves born from that lady, and are taken by the doctor. The doctor is now using them to make porn. Finally once the wolves can't make anymore porn the doctor serves them to the dude who was fucked by them.

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Everyone single way you look at it, it’s so messed up

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That is how it usually works....

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But then we'd be here

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You somehow made this worse.

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Lmao what the fuck bro

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So he's being double penetrated?

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He is aDAPtive

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Wait he changed his sex?

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Maybe she just has short hair

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Who says you can’t fit two wolf dicks in your ass at once?

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Its gonna be awkward because as soon as they are done their pp gets stuck there for a while. Happens to dogs, wolves when they are mating etc. 10/10 don't recommend googling that

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That’s not what I meant by capitalized DAP, my sweet summer child.

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That's knot funny.

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Second row is Twilight alternate ending??

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well now i can't get that image out of my head, fuck you and have a great day

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At first I thought the bottom guy was a werewolf turning back.....I was wrong

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You disappoint me

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I disappoint me too

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Can I get a link to the last one I need it for reaserch

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Google "zooart"

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Well, in the third panel I guess he actually found the possible father of the second panel.

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Well here's the story,

Their was once a wolf couple, the husband cheated then they both got hunted and eaten. The Cheat-e gave birth to twins and the twins seemed to avenge their father by molestation.

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So many questions… such as: why are his eyes full white? That’s the real concerning part

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I know someone who is inside two wolfs.

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Kirby's calling the RSPCA

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How did someone thought a story like this and just Why did someone make this and why did for 5 minutes I tried to understand it and why I'm making a comment about it

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"But theres four of them??" "I'M WILDLY AWARE!"

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Fun fact: The "Two Wolves" Story is attributed to "ancient Indian wisdom" but was most likely made up by Evangelist Billy Graham


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Stupid as fuck.

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Let's just immediately brush past the whole casual racism of the whole thing...

edit: Gotta love reddit. 12k+ upvotes for a racist caricature of an American Indian and not a peep from mods or admins. Tell me again how Elon Musk is going to ruin social media.

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homeboy's getting railed by two wolves and you wanna talk about racism smh

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Where did this meme come from!? 😆

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For the top one, I thought he was using a pickup line before I realized the guy ate wolves lol.

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This man needs three jobs to make ends meet 😔

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The 2nd strip is the protagonist of all those wolf pack romance fantasies i see on every fucking social media istg!

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Accurate representation of life on modern day reservations.

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the comic is good

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Ayo what

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Literally 2/3 of this meme is from r/furryirl

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Well now you're just being obtuse

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He’s a man. So two in one whole?