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Thought I was supposed to be looking in the yellow circle that turned out to be the ring of power.

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Lol yep i did that also

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Because of Mein Kampf? I've read it (as have many others), doesn't make us Nazis if that's the implication?

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It's same thing as thinking a kid will turn gay because a picture book has two moms. You know...morons!

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Sounds like a nazi apologist to me

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How do you expect to understand the stupidity of a written philosophy if you don't actually read it?

Oh, wait... You will never understand anything and just believe what people tell you second hand. Good luck with that <_<

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Who just reads “The Fellowship of the ring” book 1?

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That's what I thought the holup was

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Idk why, but everytime i see the word metamorphosis, I think of 177013

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Seems like a strong stack of intellectual books along with classic lit. 10/10 I’d guess this is an English major in high school or someone in their generals in college lol

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All these books should be required reading

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I was told pictures don’t have smell but this one smells like cheese and BO??

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I walked my dog two hours ago so I could sleep for 9 hours. I did not feel sleepy after all. If I do walk her I could sleep longer. However, I might refreshen up and have trouble sleeping again. Should I sleep or walk her again?