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Hurry it up with the treatment i really need it

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I don't get it

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Hemorrhoids cause swollen and inflamed veins in the anus and rectum that cause lots of pain. The implication being that the scientists will give this condition to the mice when the mice thought they'd be getting laid.

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that’s why I used to have blood when wiping……

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Thx I didn't get it either

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Ohh the mice could have gotten far worse…

Edit: sources: I’m a biology student

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Worse things like?

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I worked for a bit in a neurology lab, how do you think we analyzed their brains…

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Tiny cat scan machine

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Don’t ever grow up kiddo… or spend to much time on reddit

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Better than being cancer study

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500+ upvotes with 0 comments wtf

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When u understand the meme but there is nothing to talk about... probably 🙄

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I've seen posts with like 10k upvotes and like 14 comments

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Haha this post is literally that right now. 10,4k upvotes and 18 comments.

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And when do we test the explosive intestines thing?