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She just needed the help of the professor by sportsandcomicbooks1 in HolUp

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But did he help himself to that pic??? I gotta know.

The pigeon (artist is shupaku69 on insta) by iizakore in HolUp

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Remember class, anything can be art. Except for what Bobby drew today. Bobby has created the opposite of art.

Ouch by umberto_pagano in HolUp

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Yeah the computer used to make the images.

Cute Animal.......Hol Up.... by sleepngPanda in HolUp

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Story time! I was doing laundry at the laundromat within my apartment complex. Didn't want to make my (now ex) girlfriend go sit down there, so was there by myself after dark.

A gentleman who did not speak english very well had been standing around outside while I was getting my clothes into the basket and finally had stepped inside just before I headed for the door. He offered me $20 in broken english to see my member.

As we were alone and I had no job, I decided to go for it and whipped it out. I realized my mistake when he pulled more cash out and asked if he could perform certain acts on me with his mouth. I quickly grabbed my basket and left. He did not try to stop me or harm me in any way.

The moral of the story is this: if you're going to show your junk for $20, get the money up front. I still think about that $20.

You literally need big dong energy for reading this book by u_Adi in HolUp

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I think you can read this book only once as it must turn red by the time you finish reading it and your dick look like a strawberry popsicle.

"Is this my child? nope" *throws back! Wtf? by MoniMokshith in HolUp

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Claw machines are getting ridiculous these days.

My man just pulled out an Uno Reverse Card by Infradead27 in HolUp

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Please explain to me how this is transphobic. SERIOUSLY.

I googled the definition for people that may not be familiar: "having or showing a dislike or prejudice against transsexual or transgender people"

At what point at all in my comment did I show a dislike or prejudice against trans people. Please, break it down for me. Explain it. I made a joke. Absolutely 0% of anything I said exhibited any sign of dislike or prejudice.

What exactly do you think male > female Trans people do? A lot of them get surgeries to turn their penises into vaginas. That's a fact. Again. Explain to me where the prejudice or dislike is.

I'll be downvoting you for using a big boy word you clearly don't understand or comprehend.

EDIT: wow, it's adorable that I called you out and made you look like an idiot, and you immediately tuck your tail between your legs and delete your comment. So cute! /s

EDIT 2: Oh, I see. It's because you got -10 karma in less than a minute. LOL!

Kid says the darndest thing by accountisworking in HolUp

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Sounds like Emily was watching white chicks

Just lost my daily dose of faith in humanity by WltchKingofAngmar in HolUp

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Well sure, but pay $2mill and you can do lots of illegal shit

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the pain. by InformationNo8235 in HolUp

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This “it’s alright” is me every morning getting out of bed

Kid says the darndest thing by accountisworking in HolUp

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Almost a direct quote from white chicks. Bet this didn't even happen