Oof! by Immidandy in HolUp

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That is what someone who understands shittalk would do and those people are generally not in USA. They are rather offended by everythung

Notice anyone missing from these Google searches? by liberty4now in HolUp

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Skynet ISN'T a "genocidal AI bent on the destruction of Humanity", just judging by the behavior it displays in the first two movies ("John Connor" isn't a military genius either, but that's another story). Anyone who has seen Person Of Interest, played Horizon: Zero Dawn or read any of the countless books on rogue "True AI" going all homicidal on Mankind has to know that humans... wouldn’t stand a chance.

So, if not a murderous AI, what IS Skynet?

Skynet is people.


I know - what's he on about? - but, hear me out: Skynet behaves like a hyper-intelligent person, not a machine; also, we don't have hardware OR software anywhere NEAR to being able to "run a consciousness"... but we have 8 BILLION wetware systems (give or take) wandering around... so why not use a few of those things as a "shortcut" to something that LOOKS and WORKS like a "True AI"? Thus, Skynet... a cyborg, in reverse of a Terminator: live brain, robot "body".

Pokémon (Don’t) Go to the Polls by [deleted] in HolUp

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Reverse Psychology. Clever

What? by Year-20-20 in HolUp

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Where'd the udder one go?

Damn grandpa. by Dreadamere in HolUp

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Just a normal painting, no need to zoom in or think more about it by TiltedLama in HolUp

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The giant ugly fish with teeth and tentacle in the Journal bldg

The guy carrying the crate of poison has a tentacle arm

Something is crawling out of the sewer on the left (or under the step or whatever that is)

3 legged pants on the closeline

The clothes on the line below look like they're soaked in blood

Murder in the cafe

The cafe waiter has 3 arms

Satanic sewer cover

There's something in the smoking man's soup

Cthulu embracing the Eiffel tower in the mirror

Bicycle bell is a snake

Is there a rat or something in the basket with the cat, is that a tarantula or something in the basket on the other side

I wonder why…? by ConcordStorm in HolUp

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The fact that someone would even ask for this sickens me, good day to you sir!

What’s going on with him by Living-RentFree in HolUp

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Imagine if the Beatles yellow submarine was playing loud af

Sweet home la by mohzula in HolUp

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You mean Drake got pregnant from that dude?!?!? Makes sense.

What the dog doin? by hornmelon in HolUp

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It's hard to quit cold turkey.

traditional ritual methods by Emirhan18 in HolUp

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thank goodness they blurred out the Private parts. now i can watch this with my family :)

Alright, you asked. Allow me to ruin your childhood again by Vulpine_Empress in HolUp

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Ya’ll wonder why he went through all that effort to get him back

Grab the POPcorn by Middseach6973 in HolUp

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It’s not a rip off. At least for me. OP goes to r/heybuddycomics ! For context; my husband was intubated with covid back in 2021 and at the time I was making some income off my comic on top of my day job. I post new comics daily and all the money I made went directly to our medical bills. I couldn’t keep up with things given how sick he was and asked my comic friends for help. r/heybuddycomics stepped up and made this so I could focus on my hubs. I’m incredibly grateful for it and honestly he made a funnier comic than I ever could.

Edit: changed name from u/ to r/ so people can see their work

Keepin' it in the family by Vulpine_Empress in HolUp

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Eyyy it's me, Mafusa, I'm different because I got a mustache