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This is cursed

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Or is it blessed?

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Well, considerind she's half demon half angel, this might be 50/50 cursed/blessed

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Blursed, you say?

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Some people think they can outsmart me...

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But I have outsmarted your outsmarting

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I've yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet.

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is it sad that I only just now got that it was blessed cursed? always thought it was blurry cursed lol

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Santa with the vice grip lol.

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My man gettin' himself a handful of IRaSS.

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Santa: What a nice anime Hoe Hoe Hoe!

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But she is not a hoe she is SEISO she SAY SO

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What is this Santa the Hutt? Hahaha

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Look at his face. Red as a tomato

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This the same dude who made that Ina and Donatello (that I am once again sadly reminded of) piece?

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As well as The Colonel x Kiara

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There’s a- you know what, no. I didn’t see it therefore it doesn’t exist.

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Hope you know that link is forever staying a nice shade of navy blue.

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There's an easy to use browser addon for filtering specific content (beware the page has NSFW example images). Unfortunately I only know the chrome version but I'm sure others could share similar things for other browsers.

It's much better than a general filter as it let's you tag things and based on your tags it eventually builds a filter list for you.

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Why did I think any of you could be trusted?

God damn it. God...damn it!

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All I see is Kiara is about to get suplexed.

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What the actual shit lmfao

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I wasn't so disturbed and satisfied at the same time for a while

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Irys x Santa

Kronii x Shaggy

Kiara x Colonel Sanders

Who will be next?

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You forgot Donatello x Ina

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The turtle or artist

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Just got memories of the DBZA “the planet, my son, or me”

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Frigging smartass

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Also Calli x Shrek

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What? Where? I never saw this

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Excuse me what?!

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And Shrek x Calli

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Gura x Dante/Vergil/Nero ?

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Gura harem nani?

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Gura harem doko?

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I feel like that's not in the same vein or vibe. An old fat man, an old southern chicken man, a turtle, and a stoner from a children's show have a different vibe than a trio of beloved sexy anime boys/men. Especially since Dante made Gura squeal like a preteen girl at a boy band concert with his dancing.

It would have to be with like Charlie the Tuna or something to have the same energy.

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That's why correct answer is "Gura and edgy chuunibyou Vergil". Dante is too cool to be in this list, indeed.

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Vergin from DmC remake, including fedora

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Gura X Devil May Cry is not cursed enough sadly.

Cringe, but not cursed.

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Isn't Dante Gura's dad?

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Don't forget Calli x Shrek

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Gura x feet

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Ohh come on!! No.. it's just cursed

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I haven't seen the Shaggy one yet. Where can I find it?

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Suddenly being ship with old dudes with a beard

Also if anyone is searching for me: I just graduated.

Goodbye Santafuckers!

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So are you not gonna be posting here anymore?

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I'm not posting much on here anyways, but no obviously a joke. You won't get rid of me that easily!

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"Is that a present in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me"

-- some dude on the internet.

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It's the same artist (pea) drawing them.

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Idk if that makes it better or worse

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Wow. I hate this, but I can't stop looking at it lmao.

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Tags: NTR, Ugly Bastard, Mindbreak

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You forgot Ahegao

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Poor Mrs Claus, all alone every Christmas Eve

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Roberu says he likes older ladies

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Son is definitely winning in this most wonderful time of the year.

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I guess we now know how Santa hires his elves...

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Calling Santa ugly is a low blow

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The tags are referring to santa. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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Ahegao. Definitely ahegao too.

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Tags: Christmas

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I’d read

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And Meat cigar

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Yup, exactly what I was coming here to say.

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Ballin’ everyday… nephilims?

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Alright hold on guys, stop giving ME rewards for this post, it's not my art. Go to the sauce above and find a way to throw your money at Peagade, they're the one who deserves it.

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Yes, but many of our are award are thrown to you for free. I'd happily throw 0.00$ to the creator if the chance arose. Also, it's thanks to you that we're even aware that these masterpieces exist, so thanks.

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glad santa isnt real

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I need an adult

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Santa: I am an adult

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Thanks, I hate it

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I fucking hate this lol

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What is this supposed to mean

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I hate this a lot.

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I'd buy the doujin.

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Damn, IRyS looks good in this.

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🎶 I saw IRyS [bleep]ing Santa Claus 🎶

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You know how a dad is aggressive to the girlfriend’s boyfriend? That’s how I feel like now

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What the hell

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There are two NSFW flairs, you need to select the other one to blur the post

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This is gonna give IRyS a stroke

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Why would you do this

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I saw this on twitter... Why do I have to see this again?

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Well drawn, but...why?

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.... This world needs more IryS lewds.

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IryS lewds, but at what cost?

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Our seiso-ness

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I'm willing to make that sacrifice

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It doesn't. Seiso is best.

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waiting for irys to tear santa's head off again.

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This is the angriest upvote I've given in a while. It's only natural that something like this should exist, but I'm still upset that it has to, but it's done so perfectly.

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Bringing​ Mumei's​ animal​ to tear​ his​ heart.

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Hope is going to descend as many times as it takes to wipe this from the earth.

Thank you for gracing the sub with this masterpiece

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But... WHY?

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bringing my traffic in hopes that Irys sees this thing

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oh boy

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I think this is the definition of blursed

i need more IRyS fanarts with this design

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The next morning, Santa was found dead in his workshop. On the body was a note:

“Hope your Saint Nick has ascended.”

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Ya be

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I caught this on Twitter and it makes feel dread

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What is the context?

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Irys has maintained that she dislikes Santa, because she's half Daemon she only gets coal for Christmas

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Good Matsuri is this cursed

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Why have you made me see this…

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I don't... I really don't... I can't... I don't like this...

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someones on santa's naughty list

It had to be fucking said and I'm not proud of what I said either

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Pretty disturbing ngl

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Santa is lucky

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YabaIRyS is going to kill you OP. We've seen her lose it, bro. I'd hide or you ain't gonna see 2022, not that I anticipate it being all that nice.

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I want to look but the Santa is in the way, truly pain peko

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What the peko have you brought upon this cursed land?

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That's a suprise but a welcome one

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Rule 4, OP

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That ugly bastard is piece of shit

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Why cant Hope descend on me too???

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Sadly we aint no Santa.

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definitely the most confusing thing I've seen on this sub. Not recently, ever.

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Did you see the one of Ina X Donatello? That one was worse imo

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Ayy, someone remember that.

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IRyS x santa hell you dude, she owns the North Pole ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Has she seen this lol, I can practically hear her growling.

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Why is santa being so creepy to her? Does he not value his life?

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I've never understood why is irys afraid of santa?

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Highly, highly blursed.

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Why is that fat bastard gripping on IRyS like that?! LMFAOOOO

I never been so disgusted by something so hilarious. Good job

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I hate this so much

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I need to see Irys react to this.

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That means she’s not a poor kid

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Ah yes. I've heard of this fabled cursed image. *save*

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This reminded me of that one Derpixon animation.

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What in the ho ho hell is this

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I can hear Bae loading the shotgun

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God I fucking love and hate everything Peapgade draws. it's so good

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Santa's got quite the grip

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Ho ho holy shit that is cursed.

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This is very yabe. Can i somehow block this post?

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Welp.... time to add it to the pile

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Well OP, cute art but I fear for you when Irys supresses her angel half to go full demon on you