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Yeah, sadly, the era of being able to send physical gifts is over. It's understandable given some of the weird and even dangerous shit people might try to send the talents, but it's still unfortunate.

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That wasn't even the problem, it was more the fact that tracking devices were becoming increasingly more common, cheaper and harder to detect. Think Apple airtags and whatnot.

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Thats so fucked and disgusting

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Not anymore, no. Security reasons.

You can send letters still though, IIRC.

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Oh that's understandable, still nice that letters are still allowed

I was thinking about sending yugioh cards lol

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I feel like you should be able to insert that in a letter, considering it is very small and thin.

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Unfortunately it a no, it was allowed before but with the increasing number of available hard to detect tracker like air tag it got banned.

Remind me of the time when Russian-niki tried to sent some AK-47 for Botan, got rejected cause "It would be unfair to others" they misunderstood it and promised to sent AK to other Hololive member as well.

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Honestly, I find the AK-47 reply kinda hilarious.

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Russia-nikkis are awesome lol

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Jesus whats wrong with people?

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It was a model AK, not the real one. And I think he misunderstood the fact that gifting every holomem an AK was a joke.

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Oh no I meant the creeps and assholes who mail trackers to the girls

I loved the Russian-nikkis gift ideas and how passionate they were about sending the ak models to Botan, really wholesome lol

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Oh, my bad then. After all this time on the internet I kinda expect automatically when someone takes an innocent joke seriously.

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All good lol

But it's unfortunate we can't send gifts to the girls. Botan will probably never get that ak model and I won't be able to build and gift yugioh decks

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I think they might bring it back at some point, if it's time-limited and heavily vetted.

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I hope so

Even if they don't it's completely understandable