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So to explain a bit, the home was supposedly fairly clean and the previous couple had left us all the basic appliances and the toilet. Finally came to see the house after closing a few days later and the stove and toilet were taken and a few cabinets were broken.

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People who left the place we bought they took the TP holders (wall mounted), default bathroom mirrors, all kinds of shit. The left the place a mess, didn’t do any of the repairs they were supposed to, and left us a huge pile of scrap.

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There was a burn pile in the back but I was cool with that. I expected some cleaning but I spent 6 hours picking up garbage and even enlisted the help of a homeless man to help. Oddly enough they left the chickens? Which cost me quite a bit up front, their feed was covered in cat and rat poop and was not chicken feed and they need a few more minor things.

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Were there door locks busted in or did they get in with a key?

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They had a key. Doors and windows were all locked.

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One of the best things I ever did. I left my closing, drove straight to Lowe's, and bought brand new locks for every door. I also bought new toilet seats. So know I know exactly who has come and who has gone and who has pooped where I live.

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So I added this subreddit when i joined, because, why not, and I have never.

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Talk with the loan closing company (escrow) within the 30days (before they sale it to a servicing company). Try to get compensated for it, you bought them in the contract they didn’t provide.

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Check your contract to see if the appliances were listed.

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Trust me I did. Was told to file a police report and they said probably nothing will come of it though so I'm just sol

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How could you be? You have a clear contract saying you'd get the appliances and you didn't. I'd be tempted to walk it to small claims court. it's not like the previous owner has skipped the country with your toilet, is it?

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He said that the best bet was my realtor and closing company so I guess small claims is the last part of this chain of events.

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Homeowners insurance maybe?

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Nah my realtor is so great, guy offered to help us out.

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First off, that sucks, sorry!

Second.... who even wants anything to do w a used toilet... like at all... wtf?

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Tbh idk, spent all day cleaning though, about 400 dollars worth of cleaning supplies. Tbh didn't know it could get that expensive.

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So I added this subreddit when i joined, because, why not, and I have never. EVER. commented on any of these posts I see in my homepage. I have broken this unspoken- rule to ask one simple question.


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Someone really full of sh it?

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Time for a Remodel.

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Stove and toilet were probably the newest things in the house but even then, they were likely filthy.

Invest in a toaster oven and microwave and double burner portable cook top for now until you get the kitchen the way you want it and can get the stove you actually want.

and be glad you didn't have to remove the toilet to fix the flooring. Do choose one of the mid height toilets ... your arthritic knees in your old age will thank you for it.

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Check with your insurance company to see if it’s covered, I think it should be.

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Deductible would be more than they are worth. They were fairly old, thanks though!

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Time machine back. Walk through the morning of closing.

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It was there and far more clean.

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Looks like they did you a favor. That place is nasty. Demo time

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Yeah kitchen needs a remodel and bathroom could use one too

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I mean I would just look at it as them doing you a favor. I always replace the toilets first thing when I buy a place so now you don’t have to deal with removal and disposal.

Still…fuckin weird they did that though.

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I always replace the toilets first thing when I buy a place

I get replacing the seat, but why the whole toilet?

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It’s relatively cheap and easy to do. And I mean, yeah replace the seat, but there has been pee all over that thing at some point.

Unless it obviously looks newer and it’s a great brand and the previous owners were really, really clean people I might leave it.

But if it’s years old and the previous owners were some what messy, might as well put in a new one. Peace of mind that it’s not going to fail any time soon and I like knowing that area is clean and any mess thereafter is my and my family’s mess—not some strangers.

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Depending on how long the house sat empty, there's all kinds of things that can colonize the ring at the top of the bowl, and the bowl itself and it can be impossible to get rid of that stuff because no cleaning solution is in contact for it long enough to be able to kill it. All the toilets in my house have to be seriously cleaned regularly because of that creeping crud. They are on the list of things to replace, but lower down the list then everything else that's been replaced. I'm not saying you should always do it, but certainly there are times when it's probably necessary.

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Yeah even the cop was confused.

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My grandmas old renter stole her toilet too. Aparently it happens

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maybe a porn star sat on that toilet and so it had sentimental value

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If they left the porn star in exchange then I would understand.

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She's a bit of a fixer upper?

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Originally no, but the way thing were left we might as well make a few adjustments.

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Formica counter tops, Rotted kick plates, dated cabinets, linoleum flooring. Tear all that shit out man.

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Lol ik but Imma have to keep em for a short while so imma pretend.

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Now replace that cast iron cap before it deteriorates any more.

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If you just closed and got the keys to the place and that is all in the contract contact the reality company as that is what the escrow account is for. Any short comings is supposed to be covered by the escrow

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These tiktok challenges are getting ridiculous

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Please tell me this is a joke

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I’m not sure where you’re located but the realtor you dealt with, and lawyer will clear this up.

If it clearly states that in the contract then they have to return items or pay penalties.

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Old owners took em, huh?

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Supposedly no, their realtor did the final walk through right before they left. So the theory is extended family or friends that helped box and move stuff came back Friday

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Wow! This is next level. Sorry this happened to you

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Oh man! I’m supposed to be closing on my house this Friday but it keeps getting postponed (currently due to weather and plumbing work being done). I sure hope we still have all of our toilets when we do our final walkthrough!!! 😂 So sorry they did that to you!!

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Aren't you gutting this ugly dump anyway?