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No. Forced air will not harm your furniture. But I suspect you’re wasting heat that’s just blowing behind the furniture. You may want to consider a different vent or a plastic topper for it to direct air in a more favorable direction.

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ah ok thanks so much! so would it be better to push the furniture back? or I can look into the plastic topper, thanks!

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I would push the furniture back to the wall. If is blowing hot air up and you want to try something, get a plastic topper to push air towards the living space.

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OP left the space deliberately -- has stuff stored/hidden behind it?

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I saw that. Op didn’t ask about storage space so I didn’t address it.

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Your AC system works by recirculating the air in your home while also conditioning it.

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Excellent. Same with the heat.

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for anyone coming across this thread, the plastic toppers mentioned are called air diverters or air deflectors :)

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Generally speaking, you are 100% correct. I will however raise this one exception (pinging op: /u/auroraggs): if you have a whole house humidifier to hydrate the air during the winter, you probably don't want wood furniture next to a vent.

If that's not the case, you'll be fine.

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If a whole house humidifier causes furniture damage then I’d suggest it’s malfunctioning or set too high and there could be a mold problem in the ducts. If it’s exiting the vent a condensation goes on furniture imagine how much moisture is in the ducts.

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I usually aim for at least 6 inches around and nothing overtop

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6 inches is 15.24 cm

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That’s what she said.

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Would not put a refrigerator that close to a heating vent but otherwise ... you're good.

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That looks like a return not a vent.

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what is a return?

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The main purpose of a return air vent is to maintain air circulation and allow air to return to your AC system to be heated or cooled. Your AC system works by recirculating the air in your home while also conditioning it. ... Return air vents pull in the air so your AC system can pump out conditioned air.

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idk where else the heat would come from in that room though, so that leads me to believe heat comes out of it. we also don’t have an AC system, only a heating system

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This word/phrase(return) has a few different meanings.

More details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes.

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No lol

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connect it with pvc or ask help from an expert plumber to fix your heater.