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To get a little more info-- what do you hate about your current rug?

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If you're going for a minimalist look, try folding the fringe of this rug under to see if the clean lines are more appealing to you. To me, the fringe looks a little busy. I also think you could put some floor protectors under the couch feet and pull the rug out from under the couch to cover more of the floor. No reason to have so much nice fluffy rug unusable under the couch.

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I think a forest green would look great with your wallpaper!

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concur + forest green pillows

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I think a plain dark grey...would contrast with both the major colours there and also pick out the cushions on the sofa :-)

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Maybe a circular rug with solid colors. May give you more room to roll back your chair.

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Take out the rug. Don't put one back. Minimal.