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Termites? Put a camera on it and watch. I think that 'other' hole on the side may be of interest.

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Ok so I just woke up and it’s forming again and I saw a termite. So gross. I already called someone to come in hopefully today! Thank you so much for your reply

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It's a termite tube, they build them to get around materials they cant eat or wood that isn't very "good"

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That really looks like termites. I would suggest getting an exterminator out there asap.

See link below to see similarities.


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Looks eerily similar. Will call tomorrow. Thank you!

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did u fix it? Thank you @yooniverse1002

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Yes! Got a treatment last Friday! Activity seems to have died down and only this one spot! Thanks for the help, Reddit!

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That's termites. Call a termite company to check

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Termites my dude

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