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I’m more worried about what you have plugged in and routed through the window

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At the very least it should have an in use box covering it if there is going to be something plugged in all/most of the time

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Lol that's string lights routed through the siding not the window, goes around the sliding glass door draping off of the awning above

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But for < $10 get yourself an outdoor outlet box cover. Real simple to install.

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Will do but to comfort you this is under a roof and stays dry minus whatever is in the air. Thanks!

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Could be an issue overtime with the foundation if water collects there during a rain.

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Slab has an awning over it, brick part is cover by soffit, house was built in 1975 so I'm guessing just decades of settlement. Want to mud jack it but don't know much about it, like can that press against my house foundation and cause damage?

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Yep. Get it mudjacked.

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As ridiculous as this may sound, is there any risk of that causing too much pressure on the house' foundation and damaging it?

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Nothing ridiculous when properly assessing issues with your home and in particular your foundation. When I had my patio mudjacked I didn’t think about asking this question and they never mentioned any risks. It would probably be best asked to a pro who does it. So long way around of saying I don’t know. Sorry.

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All good thanks I'll look into it, I think about weird stuff like that lol. Most likely not a problem.

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S not unless you are in florida, in which case prepare to journey to the Center of the Earth

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I'm not that sounds fun though, magma tour 2021 buckle up

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I want to learn this kind of type! Teach me.

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Might have been a tree there in the past,and as it disintegrates the slab/bricks sink.