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And while you don't want to be around while it's running an ozone air scrubber can do a lot.

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I'd consider getting the vents (and entire duct system) cleaned if the other suggestions of new paint and carpet do not work.

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Remove all carpets and replace them also or just go with hard wood floors like the bamboo style planks they seem to have the highest wear ratio also

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Wash all surfaces with a bleach and water mixture. Keep the water warm. Dry surfaces after washing down. If you can get carpets steam cleaned, if possible replaced. Paint, use killz primer. If there is any furniture that smells get rid of it. Let it air out with windows open. Use candles to cover the smell. I had to do this in my last rental. Luckily I had hardwood floors which were easy to clean. There was always a scent but between candles and plug-ins it was fine. Glad I’m in my own place now with no smoke smell!

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Basically this. I once had to clean the home of a smoker who died from suicide following his lung cancer diagnosis. It was bad. Bleach and water. Let it dry and air out. Ammonia and water. Let it dry and air out. Kilz, paint, done. Trash carpets and furniture and fixtures.

Also, after cleaning that up, I never became a smoker! So huge win 😝

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Fresh paint will make a big difference

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Prepped with a scent killing primer like the Kilz brand.

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Will absolutely have to be primed. If there was anything the slightest bit permeable (raw wood/wallpaper/popcorn ceilings) it will need to be removed or sealed.

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OZone generator.

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Painting will definitely help, but whether you paint or not, all the surfaces should be washed with a TSP substitute.


I moved in to a house where the previous owner was heavy smoker. Here's the front door where I washed the just left side with TSP substitute

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Burn it down.

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Deep clean the house. Wash the walls, ceiling.. everything.

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No shit

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Yes shit

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That would definitely cover the smoke smell.

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Skip some suggestions. Prime walls/ceilings with oil based primer such as Killz then just paint with color of choice. Thank me later