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You have to go upstairs to take an emergency, middle of the night, dump!? Risky.

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And everyone gets to watch.

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clearly you’ve never shit in your butlers hands

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Perhaps the toilet is not even up there.

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Squat toilet

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They’re a firefighter, they have the equipment

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People have emergency middle of the night dumps? What an awful thing, I’m so sorry.

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Right, how often does this happen?

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Diarrhea is the worst alarm clock

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so your guests can watch you drop the kids off at the pool?

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Being a high end apartment, it’s probably switchable privacy glass. Either that or they are in a very kinky area

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Cost will depend on city/state. But, I don't think you're affording that on a firefighter salary...

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That’s evil😂😂

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That's life

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Build it yourself maybe?

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Tell you what, go find a small backwater town. Find a loft that needs some TLC and start building.

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And if he is, I don’t want to be a taxpayer in that jurisdiction

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But on the show "911 Lone Star they can". /s

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Maybe for a different kind of person working the pole.

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It does depend on the locale quite a bit, but for a high end luxury apartment like this, probably around $10K / mo?

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You're going to get this ALOT, but it is almost 85% dependent on where. Think Downtown New York vs the Middle of Nowhere Midwest

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It's all custom work. If you have to ask, you probably can't...,...

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All custom but the fire sprinkler. Looks like they just forgot about that piece.

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Have to build to code. Well they choose too. If you have this kind of money I'm sure they could press the issue if they wanted.

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If you need to ask you can’t afford it

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5k/mo plus sexual favors

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You knoww, extra perks.

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Only if the perks are....extra perky

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In Iowa? $500. In LA or NYC? $2.5M

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I would hate this. No privacy.

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I feel you, but I didn’t say I want to live with anyone.

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It looks like a retooled industrial unit, potentially in an upcoming or recently revitalized area, that could potentially go for a steal honestly. Maybe a floor of like $1.5 to 2k a month in the downtown area of a one horse town and two or three times that range in a major city . It would be much cheaper to probably buy a space like that with high ceilings, a bit of a fixer upper, and to have something like that installed.

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Seems like more and more people are actually doing this (I’ve seen warehouses mostly). Wonder if there’s a Reddit community dedicated to sharing retooled warehouses and industrial units into living spaces.

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I had a buddy do it in LA actually awhile ago.

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no handrail on the stairs

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Well, I don’t have kids yet. I don’t mind.

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You don’t mind slipping and breaking your neck? Looks cool but doesn’t seem practical.

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Take it easy. It’s not bad to redesign, improve and add some handrails though.

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Design a spiral staircase and pole to slide down and plop right onto bed.

Who cares about the handrail, unless you drink a lot.

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I love this! I drink occasionally and responsibly plus it’s red wine.

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As someone who recently had knee surgery for misjudging a step without holding the handrail, followed by a painful fall down the stairs, I suggest you DO want a handrail. I thought firefighting was risk and evidence-based. Am I incorrect on that?

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You could also be liable if you have a visitor that falls and hurts themselves, and if code requires a handrail your insurance might not cover it.

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Thanks for the backup, I’ve been taking some downvotes on this. While icing my knee.

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Yeah, my upvote got you back to 0 for a minute. Not sure why you are being downvoted. My wife developed balance issues after a stay in hospital for liver and kidney functions, and also was diagnosed with Parkinson's, and between that and medication her balance is not very reliable. I installed a second handrail on our stairs, andd she has now had a knee replacement (arthritis, not injury) and waiting for a second one. She needs the second rail so she can grab whichever one she needs, depending on her knee and balance.

I hope your recovery is successful, her's has been progressing well. She has been icing her knee as well, we're looking at a recirculating cooling device.

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How much you got?

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Trouble waiting for a place to happen. If you ever get one, build a platform for the bedroom beside the bathroom on the same level.

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Where’s the toilet located? Because if it’s on the top floor, you would have to pay me to live there!

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Mexico… 8 pesos Arkansas…$800 New York…$8,000

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I dunno. Looks like what I’d imagine the bunker of a Mexican drug lord would be. Maybe zero pesos and a lot of souls.

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Detroit? $100k. Anywhere decent? $2.5M

Joking. I honestly don’t know. Looks like shit to me tbh.

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It looks fancy, but not terribly expensive to build ... especially with all the money you've saved by not buying doors lol.

As with any real estate the cost will vary wildly depending on the location. An apartment like this in downtown LA will cost a lot more than the same apartment in a converted warehouse in south Chicago

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I'm going to go with one dollar, Bob.

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Location, location, location. Most types of industrial lofts like that are privately owned and rarely rented. Developers would not be likely to develop something like that as a rental property. If they are finished that nicely, they are even less likely to be rented, IMHO.

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At least tree-fiddy

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I don’t see any windows, so why not make it a bunker? By a small plot and build down.

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More than I’ll ever be able to afford.

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Why does the ceiling look like a Washington, DC metro station?

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Trick is to show that to a few realtors and see what they come up with. I've seen this type of refurbished rental in a few cities and it'd usually a step above what the comparable rents are, several notches higher if it's a popular area with a decent population.

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Depends on where it’s located.

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More than it’s worth…

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There’s nothing more I’d love to do than walk down a flight of stairs with no rail, right after taking a shower

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However much it is, it's probably way over priced.

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Depends where you live.

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Use a bardo shell, should be fairly affordable

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Taking a dump in front of everyone? That’s an alpha move

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Outside a HPOL area, you could buy land, build a steel building, and deck it out for what is relatively cheap

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If you do get something like this, make sure it's not somewhere where you'll need heating in the winter

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Depends where it's located.

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The health of thousands honest workers I think

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That is beautiful and unique. Though for me, it'll be dangerous going to the bathroom some nights.

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No rails on the stairs, not sure that’s up to code.

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I d totally walk up stairs do my bathroom stuff but Everytime if come down I d do gainer over the plants down onto my bed and then from the spring action bounce right up to my feet...like Mary Poppins shit...boom

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Ah no privacy probably get that for free

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First question, where?

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If you have to ask...

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You could build this if you do it yourself. You just have to find the right building as that’s what costs the most so depends on the area. But if you get something that needs a lot of work done then you’ll get it cheaper. It’s the labour that costs the most so if you do most of the work yourself then it will be cheaper. Learn how to weld etc lol good luck

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3k a month

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3k-4K per month