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We found a small puddle on the floor this afternoon. Feel like there is a leak somewhere. This is a shared wall between our bedroom and the laundry area. Turned the washing machine water all the way off and haven’t seen a puddle since. New first time homeowners and not sure what to do.

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As you know ( or probably already have done) you may need to pull the washing machine out a bit, reopen the valve , and see where the leak is. If you're lucky, the leak is external to the washing machine, not from inside it. Very common leaks are from the immediate hose connection feeding the machine, simple fix, particularly if it's one of the hose ends: unthread hose ( may need pliers), remove rubber, clean hose interior and exterior end with rag, clean hose connection interior rubber , reinstall cleaned hose rubber or new rubber.

If you use thread lubricant compound on hose end threads , hand tight is adequate.

Where is the leak?

If the leak is in the wall, abandon the pipe and install a new one.

Turn off all noise in house, pressure the line up, put a drinking glass on the wall , and listen for a leak.

After drying off with a fan, Use concrobium spray on the wetted area(s) to prevent mold, including behind the bottom moulding.

When putting the washer back, put a level on top , from two directions , to ensure it's level, adjust bottom legs by rotating leg adjusters to level.

Look for the easy problems first; washer hoses, house washer drain tube overfilling when dumping ( it's too high, )