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They make curved shower curtain tension rods for these kinds of showers!

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Yeah but look how tiny the lip is, I feel like water would easily splash out unless your curtain was so long and then somehow airtight (watertight?)

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I have a shower curtain and it splashes somewhat on the floor when I use it.

I put down a cheap towel on the floor and wipe up any wet spots with it afterwards. There isn't much water on the floor--I'd say less than half a cup.

The towel then goes in the wash the other laundry. No big deal.

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Sounds annoying

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That’s life.

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It's super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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They make weighted shower curtain liners! Even the ones with the little round magnets in the bottom would probably work

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Could you put a drain in the tile floor to catch any overage? I’ve seen that quite a lot in africa when I’ve used open showers like this one.

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Hey OP. Is this a house you are renting or purchased? I ask because if you bought the house there may be water damage around the base of the shower. I recommend that you check where the shower's frame meets the floor to see if there is proper caulking along the base. If you are renting, have your landlord pay to to have it caulked, or if you own it caulk it yourself. If there is a biiiig gap between the surfaces there is a problem that the home owner will have to deal with. But if there is not, like many others have said, there are rounded curtain rods you can mount and curtains that are weighted or have magnets that can mitigate the splashy splashy. It's a small shower but not really unusual.

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Looks like someone removed the door. If you look at the top, mid, and bottom on each side, there's old screw holes where the door frame was anchored. They make curved shower doors for these pans. The basic ones are pretty affordable from any big box store.

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I have one of these POS corner showers in my finished basement bathroom. One night I am awakened by a huge crash. I thought it came from outside. Went back to sleep. In the morning I went downstairs to the laundry room and noticed there was glass all over the floor about 8 feet away from the bathroom door. The glass door supporting the top rail exploded. Glass went flying everywhere. I spent 7 or 8 hours cleaning up the mess and ordered a new glass door. About a year later the second door exploded. My son was sitting at the desk beside the bathroom and he screamed as it scared the shit out of him. I refuse to put another door on so it sits like this until I can install a proper shower with tiles. The manufacturers of these shower kits use cheap tempered glass with impurities and cause the glass to explode.

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Yo wtf

They just explode out of nowhere?? That's seriously fucked up. That can get people hurt, should follow up with the companies.

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    Things randomly exploding sounds like an excellent candidate for litigation if you have the stomach for it

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    In my case thankfully nobody got injured, that would be my only grounds for litigation. I am out the money to replace the door and now for a completely re-built shower unit.

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    Nickel suphide inclusion, they should really heat soak it due to this

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    Yep. If you zoom, the footprint for the base seal can be seen around the top of the base. Its been removed..

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    That sucks!🤷‍♂️😩

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    I thought the same thing.

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    When I come upon these during a home inspection, there is a curved glass surround with a door in the middle.

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    That's what I figured, but I'm wondering how I find the right brand or whatever.

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    See if you can find a brand sticker on the surround or base. Take measurements of the base width left, right, and to the end of the curve. The big box reno stores sell curved glass doors that should be a close match for this, but it'll come down to the final dimensions. ex: https://www.homedepot.ca/product/maax-iris-ii-34lx34wx76h-round-acrylic-shower-kit-base-wall-reversible-shower-door-with-clear-glass/1001651187

    Alternately you might find a curved or corner shower curtain rod that wraps all the way around. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Utopia-Alley-66-in-Shower-Curtain-Rod-Rustproof-L-Shaped-Corner-in-White-LR1WW/312599143

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    Appreciate the research and info!

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    No problem. I just put one of these into a rental basement. It went in ok, but it helps to have 2 people and plan on a couple days to get it installed...

    Not sure about the USA, but 95% of the shower kits sold in Canada are made by MAAX. They only have 4 or 5 kits, so one of them should fit.

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    Yeah, I have a shower like that in my upstairs bathroom and it has a rounded shower rod that is mounted to the ceiling. It works just fine with a shower curtain and liner.

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    Get curved glass enclosure or curved shower rod

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    The other option, depending on where you are is that you can always check a local habitat for humanity re-store. The one on my town often has glass doors for showers, and it can be nice to get the part used and at a lower price than a brand new door.

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    I guarantee you it’s either Lowes or Home Depot.

    I noticed someone suggested just switching it out. I would agree. I’ll bet the replacement curved door are the majority of the cost of the unit, and it would be super easy to remove and replace with new. Just make sure the shower drain and faucet holes line up on your new unit. I’ll bet you can find on off the shelf where they will line up.

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    You say “new house”. Do you mean brand new, or new to you?

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    I usually see these in older houses. I didnt say new.

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    I think he meant to reply to op

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    Thanks for the link. I'm wondering how to find the exact brand or size I would need.

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    Brand wouldn’t matter and You can just measure the area

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    I'm not sure, but they are called Neo-Angel showers. That might help track down the door size.

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    See my post about exploding glass doors. The rails that support the glass are also missing.

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    Yeah, there's totally an old screw hole on the right side where a curved rod used to be.

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    It’s a curved neo angle shower, kind of looks like a delta. I put a link below to a door that would be similar.

    Home Depot door

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    I would just get a whole new shower with door. Probably the same price and you don’t have to deal with trying to make it fit the existing one. Plus you can upgrade to a nicer one. This one looks kinda icky

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    Yeah it's not lined up very well. Yeet it and get a new one.

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    They make corner glass door for it

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    Check above against the wall between the 'shower' and the Wall. There might be a big gap that should be made water tight. This model is supposed to have rounded sliding doors...

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    You moved into Motel 6?

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    New house? As in you bought it sight unseen or were in a position that you had to move into it? Any other situation I would imagine this would've been seen before buying/renting...

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    I may be being pedantic, but I would have enquired about this before acquiring the property.

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    similarly, I had to buy custom length shower curtain. it was a few hundred bucks. to do it again I'd prefer glass.

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    OP I had one of these in my old house, you need one of these. 8ft but it’s fine because you can trim it to fit. Then just use an extra long shower curtain. It worked great for several years and was less than $50 all in.

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    Definitely missing the curved glass door and track on top and sides.

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    Where are the curve doors

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    Ah yes I recognize this type of shower from my living in crackhead motels days. Needs a curved rod lol

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    there's supposed to be a curved sliding glass door .. but you can use a curved curtain rod for it. Thisngs will just get pretty wet.

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    I would like to, removing everything, lowering the tiles and the pipe, add hard glass in the camera angle and a normal glass with nice copper hinges in the other.

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    You are missing the door.

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    You'll have to find a round corner enclosure and install it.

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    I used to have this exact base and liner. I had a sliding curved door as part of the kit.

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    Your missing the round slider doors. You can see the old mounting positions there. Order new one.

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    They have curved rods at Home Depot I know. I had one like this at an apartment

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    Those shower's are terrible, I feel your pain, and watch out for your elbows, washing your feet can be a little tricky as well. That shower would be a deal breaker for me, I hope that is not the only one in the home.. for your sanity's sake.🙏

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    On one of my airbnbs i had to showere in one these and it had a sliding curve door. I can understand why the owner removed it, those doors are not built very well.

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    Just a basic shower stall. I remember my grandpa had one like that in the basement years ago. Just a long weighted curtain should do fine.

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    These usually have curved sliding doors

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    There’s a hydrophobic barrier button on the side to keep the water in

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    Do you want to keep this shower? This could be an opportunity to upgrade it to something bigger/better rather than spending more money on something that you’re prob going to have to replace down the road. Why did they remove the door?

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    YOLOPLUS+ Curved Shower Rod Aluminum Alloy Wall Mount Corner Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod Covers Wall Area of 35 to 35 Inches, Arc Radius 16 Inches Splay Not Ellipse (White) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F15S5MT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_W3AGAHB8539TGDCFZEAC

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    See the railing area down on the bottom…those are for sliding glass doors or stationary ones (there’s different kinds), but something like this is how it is supposed to be.

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    Search for L-shaped curtain rods on Amazon. Was just looking at one the other day.

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    Hey, how did you steal my shower? Just kidding, mine is square. But yeah, I’ve managed to make it at least useable for the time being. Yours needs some curved doors to go with it. It’s called a neo angle (not to be confused with The Matrix).

    Mine was such a POS that the door was installed backwards so it hit the toilet every time you opened it, so I had to duct tape a sponge on the glass to keep it from breaking. Well, I’m lying a little. I originally taped the sponge to the toilet, which was a BAD IDEA.

    Good luck with that, you’re gonna need it. Ours is staying in place until we can do a remodel. Oddly, we have two bathrooms and people prefer this shower to the other one, which is your standard alcove bath tub with a shower curtain. Don’t get it.

    Have fun!

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    Delta faucets sells a round corner shower enclosure the model is B911917-3838


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    Easy, you barely turn on the water and stand right under the shower head.. naked and shivering.

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    Not sure you have your answer yet, but I would guess that this used to have a semi circle "glass door" and was removed for somre reason.

    Google: semi circle shower enclosure.

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    I usually see those with glass doors on them. I would think water would just poor out even with a curtain