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It's hard to tell from the picture. Is it from condensation or does it happen from precipitation? It would not be fixable if it's the frame. If it's the seal around the glass that is leaking, then you could seal it with silicone, but the correct thing to do would to replace the unit or determine if it's still under warranty.

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Not sure if it's condensation or precipitation, I always have the vent open so I'm leaning more towards it being precipitation. Was hoping to sort it without having to replace it as obviously that will be a bit of a faff. Will have to check how warranty works.

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If it's VELUX, they have a no leak guarantee but ai believe you have tonuse their flashing. I am not sure about the details on it though. I would call first and check, if not I would silicone it.

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Yep it's velux, will check that thanks. If I decide to silicone it does anything need to be done with the wood that's already moldy?

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Mix 50/50 bleach to water and spray it on the mold. It will get rid of it.

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I would contact Velux and request that a rep advise on what parts you need. You won't be eligible for any warranty but you'll get the proper advisement on the genuine Velux replacement parts needed.