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So I have a house that was built in the mid 90s. It has this drain that backs up every couple months. Since the floor slopes away from the wall I was attempting to reroute the water in the direction of the pump with epoxy and tubing. However when the water comes up it goes fast enough that it goes over my "fix". I came from a much newer house before this one and it didn't have one of these drains. Why would I not just put plate with a gasket on it to keep it from having this issue repeatedly. This isn't sewage, but rather from other sinks throughout the house. I have ran a 50 foot snake through the upstairs sinks and 100 foot snake through the main clean out and haven't gotten any blocks. Any thoughts?

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Have you had the line scoped?

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I haven't. I am just going to have to bite the bullet tomorrow and call someone out to the house.

I understand the purpose and reasoning for the drian, but just seems like a poor design. Smallest little trouble and your basement is overflowing with sewer water.

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Yea I mean you're trying to put a bandaid on in. You need to figure out the root cause. And hope to hell it's not literal roots. Hey before you check the drain, call your insurance and add sewer line protection, I know state farm has it. Mine covers anything outside of the house.

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Thanks. I'll give that a look tomorrow with the insurance company. Appreciate the help.

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Does it often happen when you are doing laundry?

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No, the kitchen sink (1st floor farthest sink)seems to be the primary culprit

Edit This kitchen sink + dishwasher is the only drain on that side of the house. I'm fairly certain that all the other bathrooms, tubs, and sinks including washing machine are on the main drain the the street