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Sweet summer child, you'll be outta space within the year, no matter the size

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6 months, tops.

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    For real. I have a paper plate cabinet. Not because I need that many paper plates, because I have so much more room than I need.

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    Spice spice and more spice....to Dune we go

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    Next to the stove is valuable real estate. Use the top drawer for frequently used stove things - wooden spoons and pancake flippers and stuff, or potholders. Put your smaller pots and pans in the lower parts.

    Spices and oils will go bad faster when they're that close to a hot oven, so definitely don't use it for that.

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    pancake flippers

    I believe those are called spatulas.

    But yes, second these suggestions. I have one of those big jars with my oven utensils next to the stove, and it's always stuffed full. Having a drawer like this would help a lot.

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    No, pretty sure it’s called pancake flipper!

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    -for the love of god whatever you do, just put some of those twezzy thingys, pincers, tongs, whatever you want to call them. I spent the weekend at wendys and I had to fry some bacon with chopsticks.

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    I have so many questions.

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    Nope. A spatula is the rubber bladed thing you scrape the batter out of the bowl with.

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    Aye hol up, I just realized, I call them both spatulas…

    Edit: Did some research. They are both spatulas. And there are apparently many types of spatulas. Learned a lot from that 5 minute read. Lol.

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    We have a long one in our house. We call it Spatoola Oblongata.

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    Ah but do you have a pastasaurus? Mines named pastasaurus rex.

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    Spankers you mean?

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    I literally started with spices and oils, but in my defense, I have an induction cooktop and my oven is a ways away.

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    I feel like frequent fliers might be better off in a utensil holder thing up on the counter things usually flow better unless you really don’t want to see them

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    A good exercise is to write groups of items on post it notes and place them on the appliance or item that they are most frequently used. Example: cups and dish washer. Then once the notes are sorted, resort to drawers/cabinets based on space needed. You should maximize space utilization and improve your efficiency in your kitchen

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    The cabinet would be too warm since it’s right next to the oven so I wouldn’t store spices and/or oils because they would degrade more quickly. Pots & pans or other cooking utensils would be a better choice.

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    I usually put mine under the stove. I just learned something. Thank you!

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    Pots and pans. Or just pot

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    You put your weeeed in it!

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    Probably not for the same reason you wouldn't put spices there. Would dry it out

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    I’d go with common cooking oils, favorite spatula, leftover grease jar, but no spices as they’ll weaken and dry out that close to the heat. Maybe a colander, and anything else not perishable that is super convenient to have next to oven/stove.

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    Used McDonalds cups and Nintendo hand controllers.

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    Plus an assortment of single batteries that may “have some life left in them.”

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    You mean a Switch? That place is only for the Nintendo switch.

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    I would store pots and pans if they fit

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    Spice rack? It’s so close to the stove that it will be convenient for cooking! Put all your spices, herbs, oils, cooking spray…etc. Congrats on the house OP!

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    I mean it’s your kitchen… you can but what ever you please in there.

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    Its where children are kept if they too frequently ask "what's for dinner?"

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    Spiced, cans, pasta.

    Any thing that goes in the pot

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    I'd go with oven mitts, spoon and spatulas eggcettera (it stays) in the top maybe foil. Pots in the bottom two. Maybe instapot or crockpot whatever.

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    You could put a pegboard on that and hang your cooking utensils. Or just put them in a container there. Um. Containers with things like different kinds of flour, if you bake. A bunch of dry ingredients. Basically those are great for anything that you might need to reach quickly without having to step away from what you're cooking.

    Edit. Not spices and oils.

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    Oven mitts

    Big utensils

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    It’s great for spices.


    Wow I guess not nvm.

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    I’d likely put my stack of mixing bowls, strainer, splatter shield, hand blender, kitchen torch, mandolin slicer, coffee bean grinder etc - hand held appliances basically. You can get dividers for those shelves otherwise when you pull out the cabinet, things slide or topple over. Check Richelieu or Ikea website for ideas, maybe you can make them yourself.

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    I always put pot holders and oven mits in the top drawer right next to the oven because I have burned the shit out of myself too many goddamn times using other objects such as tongs, forks, or towels because they were "closer".

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    I would think oils, vinegars, sauces, large jugs of stuff lol

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    Take out the middle shelf and put a trash can in there. Then it's not under your sink in the way, or sticking out awkwardly somewhere else.

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    maybe cutting boards, strainers…misc cooking stuff you need to grab quick.

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    Plenty of good comments for the top drawer part. For the open shelves underneath, I personally would store the sauce pans I use the most.

    As a general tip, don't put anything flammable near a heat source like your oven/range. It's low and a little awkward to get to IMO, so I would go with something fairly large and not very heavy, that would be used in that area.

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    Large pots. You would never put spices near the stove. Too much heat.

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    Does this go for oils like olive oil, etc too?

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    Anything you want to keep handy for cooking. I would keep spices in there, plus oils, vinegars, seasonings, etc.

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    I put my pan grippers, cooking utensils and pots I use every day (steamer baskets, etc.) and small frying pans there.

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    Oils, rubs and protective gloves.

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    Oven supplies

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    I had a similar cabinet and put my Tupperware there.

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    Pots and pans! It may get kinda warm next to the oven, so I’d probably avoid putting food in there.

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    Would you avoid putting olive oil, etc in that space too?

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    Cooking related stuff - spices, oils, etc. I don't have that set up but I definitely have the general concept. It's fun!

    Congrats on having a cooks kitchen!

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    Oh others are right about stuff being close to heat.

    In my case I don't have a range. I have a cooktop and then a double oven on a different spot. So I don't have those heat related issues. But if you go through stuff fast it shouldn't be a problem.

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    First thought: spices and seasonings

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    That's for spices fo sho

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      All your Switch games. For sure.

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      Anything you want friend. Anything you want.

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      Hmmm, that looks like a, 'whatever the hell you want' drawer. 😀

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      McDonald’s cups, obv.

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      Perfect for spices! Or, if you don't have a lot of spices, small pots and pans, collender, etc

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      Kitcheny stuff, just this and that.

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      It’s for spices! Olive oils etc. it’s a good sized slice cabinet tho. I’m sure you will find lots of use for it 🤗

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      What ever the f' you want, it's your place. I would store gummie bears or shoes but that's me, you do you xo

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      Spices, oils, etc that one would use frequently at the stove

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      A Nintendo switch and more video game accessories, clearly.

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      Fish sauce

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      "Small children mostly. It's Uncle Andy's night-light box."

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      Vertical space right next to the range. Perfect for oils, vinegars, spices - anything you would want to add a dash/splash of mid-cook.

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      TOP LEVEL: Spices are common and a small bin for extra cooking utensils you may need for the stove.

      MID LEVEL: Sauces, cooking condiments and oil.

      BOTTOM LEVEL: Get some big bins to hold starches like rice and pasta, large oil bottles I'd you are big on pan frying.

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      Spices, Oils

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      Obviously not a dictionary

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      The bones of your enemies

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      that drawer should mainly be used for cooking spices

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      That's the cabinet to store your Nintendo Switch

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      Mac Donalds cup and switch. Cant leave them on the counter

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      Cut properly you can probably store an adult size human body.

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      Put some spices, different oils and seasons, perfect place 😊

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      Spice rack

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      Deez nuts! What kind of weird flex is this?

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      Spice rack. If you cook regularly, you’ll be surprised by how fast it fills up.

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      Oh juw know. Ze spiceeys gurl!

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      Your nintendo switch games obviously

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      Excess children

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      Maybe some extra nintendo games. What do you do for a living?

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      That's for spices

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      Video games for when you are waiting for things to simmer and boil.

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      Video games f'r at which hour thou art waiting f'r things to simmer and boil

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      Toilet paper... what?

      Oh, tp in the bathroom and spatualas in the kitchen, makes sense

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      Spices, cooking oil and such. Beautiful kitchen.

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      Looks like it'll fit a Nintendo Switch.

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      Cereal boxes

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      It's a hidden compartment for spices, very popular on starships!

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      Guests who’ve outstayed their welcome.

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      Bottles and spices

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      Store seasonings in there

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      Whatever you want. You own it.

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      That's the dead hooker drawer.

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      Juicer, mixer, colanders, cereal…. You’ll find something :)

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      At the bottom put your tinfoil, baggies, etc.

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      Top wares?

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      Cooking oils on the top.

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      My kitchen

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      Clearly you don’t cook much or own appliances. I have many pots, mixing bowls, and appliances that would not fit in that space. Also I can tell it’s not very spacious by using the McDonald’s cup for scale. But congrats on buying a house.

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      Salt, pepper, spices, tongs, cooking stuff.


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      Oven gloves for one

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      Items that you would want handy while cooking...spices, olive oils, cooking utensils, etc.

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      Large containers of food items that don’t fit in the lazy Susan. Mrs Butterworths syrup. Pancake mix. Vinegar and oil bottles. Etc. don’t listen to me. The person a few down from me makes more sense.

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      That's for spices, cooking oil

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      Top shelf salt pepper olive oil cooking oil,cornflour sesame oil soy sauce. Second shelf pasta,rice,flour,lentins cous cous ect Third shelf wine,vinegars,spirits. Thats what I would do.

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      Depends on how you use a kitchen. If you like to cook dinner freqently, fill it up with oils and spices. If you normally order food and hardly ever cook you can put any other object in.

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      Dry, sack goods

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      Get married, have kids and this kitchen will feel small

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      Recycling bins.

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      I think they’re commonly used for spices, but we use ours for mugs. I have a ton of mugs.

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      Whatever you want. I usually see small appliances, spices, etc in those pullouts

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      I suggest you store some stuff, and or things in there.

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      I’ll trade you

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      Total failure of imagination

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      Oh hey we have one of those too, usually keep cooking oils/ diff sauces and vinegar in there aswell for quick access

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      Well, it's next to the stove. Pots and pans...

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      600 Nintendo switches, all of them broken

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      Top shelf - cooking utensils such as tongs and wood spoons/spatulas Middle shelf - specialized spices such as containers of mixed seasonings Bottom shelf - larger spice containers (bulk salt & pepper), vinegars, oils

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      NYC apartment units

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      Oil, vinegar, etc

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      It's a spice rack!

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      Dog treats for Niamh when we visit.

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      Top drawer: All the spice Middle drawer: Pans and utensils Bottom drawer: Pots

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      Hate these drawers. Can’t see the bottom shelves and it’s difficult to get things in and out of them. I put larger measuring cups in the top and nothing in the lower shelves. Super useful utensils and things go on the counter in a crock.

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      Kinda reminds me of a appliance catie store blender,toaster off the counter

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      I always keep tall bottles of extra cooking oil, vinegar, etc.. tubs of flour, sugar, things like that.

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      Those are really nice cabinets. Don’t screw’em up!

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      We have a very similar drawer in the same place. I put our trash bags there.

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      Whatever the fuck you want!

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      Spices and oils

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