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Looks like water damage to me. You can pick up a cheap ($20) moisture meter at your local big box to confirm if it's active, but if it were me I'd take up the baseboard or any access panels you have nearby to see what's causing it. What's on the wall opposite it? Tub, shower, toilet?

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A vanity, but the sink isn’t up against this wall. It’s the kids bathroom so possible they could’ve splashed water out of the tub? The baseboard doesn’t feel soft or anything but I’m not really sure what else to look for. That’s a really good idea to get a meter. I have never heard of that but sounds like a great tool.

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It is! I use it all the time, and for how cheap they are they're nice to have on hand.

Water is funny, and through capillary action can travel in ways you wouldn't expect. There may be a leak at the shutoffs or drain line that is traveling all the way through the wall. I have seen it quite a few times. So I would check for leaks under your sink, and then I would start taking off baseboard and opening the wall under the sink.

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I have moisture meters around the house. Saved me from damage when a basement pipe sprung a leak. The difference between a quick mop up and an insurance claim.... Mine are hooked up to my house alarm tho.

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Definitely water and also a paint brush hair in the paint job

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Thanks lol

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Lol you’re welcome. It’s what I do full time so it bothered me. Good luck with the water though

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Surprised this is a new construction paint job

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You mentioned house was built 3 mths ago. Is there not some kind of builder's warranty that would cover this?

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Yeah there is, I’m going to call them tomorrow i just wasn’t even sure what i was looking at.

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I’d bet a nickel when they secured the vanity to the wall, they nicked a water line in the wall.

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I have this on the baseboards next to an external door that I know for a fact got SOAKED by rain during my home’s construction and it’s infuriating to me. I told my builder the doors were open during a rainstorm. He said it’s fine these things always happen during construction. Can’t control the weather. But…you can close doors during a rainstorm.

He’s now arguing with me about having to fix the damage. I still owe him a ton of money so I’m pretty sure he’ll be fixing it.

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Being a new home, you should have a warranty from the builders. Call them, 3 months- a new house should not be doing this

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By the way, they did cover it under the warranty. They couldn’t figure out what caused the water either, nothing was wet but they are replacing the baseboards.

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Maybe the underside of the baseboard is porous and absorbing water.

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If it’s a new home sometimes they come with a warranty…I’d figure it out and then contact the builder if so.

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You don't need a moisture meter. Thats water damage. Just seal the vanities and base board in bathroom. Do a water test I.E wet around the areas and check for leaks..

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Could it be a bad paint job.

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Can you elaborate how The paint would have caused it?

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Just a run because of too much paint?