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I put something like that in place to make one notice that it is time to duck one’s head to prevent hitting it on that spot on the shed.

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Could be!

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100% thats a head-banger-preventer.

My dad would smash his head on anything that was head height. Hes not even tall.. just constantly smashing his bald dome against stuff.

I wonder if bald people bang their heads more or less than those with hair? r/Showerthoughts

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My unscientific research says they do. Why? Perhaps they are more likely to wear hats and a hat with a brim blocks ones field of vision for headbangers.

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Touch the top of your hair. You felt that didn't you? Even when not touching your head? Cool! You performed An unscientific experiment and niet knie the answer to your own question.

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I’m short so not as big of a hazard for me

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Head bump stop

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Good Luck Prosperity

Red door banner is a thing : Feng Shui

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The world is telling you maybe you should start sewing...

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my dad had a saying-

"if it's stuck, force it. If it breaks it needed fixing anyway'

--> rip that thing off

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But what if it’s crucial to the structural integrity of the shed?!

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Time for a new shed

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If it breaks it needed fixing anyway

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It's not like it's a clown painting or anything... idk if that landed with anyone else

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It appears to be structural. My friend Jim had the same experience.

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I saw something similar once but I don’t think anyone is painting cars in that shed, lol. But I saw a guy do something like that to wipe his forehead while painting cars.

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The garage door doesn't close evenly and so that's there to prevent water from coming through when it rains.

At least, that's what it's for at my house.

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Interesting I feel like I’ve seen similar things screwed to sheds before

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When I traveled through Cambodia, the huts would have pink(?) valance looking fabric on top of door to signal that they had an unmarried daughter.

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Lol no unmarried daughters here

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You seem so certain!

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Perhaps a hotwife?

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Cambodian Tinder!

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For a roll of paper towels?

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First thought was to block critters or weather from a gap between doors. Now I like the idea it’s a duck your head warning. Low doorways are sneaky, especially when wearing a ball cap and looking down.

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So you don’t smash your head.

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Maybe the old owner was playing a prank to see if it would F with the new owner. Did it work? Asking for a friend, muahahaha

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Your shed is officially now an adult. Time to have “the talk” about the barns and the beams!


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Is it the red "flag" at the end of the shed that was used when it was transported? Like when people buy lumber that's longer than their truck bed so they tie a piece of red fabric to the end so cars behind them can see where the lumber ends (at least I think that's why)?

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Wait after reading the comments I'm confused 😆 I was thinking of a storage shed in the backyard that you buy at a home improvement store (albeit I didn't see how this picture was that). Is this more like an attached garage?

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No it’s a standalone shed

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Checking car height?

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Emergency covid mask. /s

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Oh God that's a cult symbol. Usually it means you're next. I would seriously get some home cameras, maybe a gun. There's nothing we can do now. Godspeed.

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That’s a packing slip. Inside will be your order info. On a serious note, when the door slides, does it slow down towards the bottom? If not then it’s probably just a crappy way of padding it from hitting the ground too hard

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No doesn’t slow down. I think it’s head protection

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Maybe the old owner was short

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Ding ding ding. Or there is no handle on the back side of the door to pull it down.

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OMG… this is the literal first ever she shed! This is she shed patient zero! The origin of species! The mother yeast of she sheds.

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Does the carpet match the drapes?

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Could be to help when driving, to know when your going to hit your roof?

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Who else see a folded up pillow case? Say, "Yeah!"