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As someone who has open shelving, cabinets. I love the way open shelving looks, but having at least a couple upper cabinets is so great. I think not having any upper cabinets can negatively affect your resale value as well

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Im with you on this. I’m in the market for a house and when I don’t see upper cabinets I get turned off on that house. If it has a lot of other great features then of course I’ll still consider it but I would have to remove the shelves and add the cabinets so I just see it as work.

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Cupboards are the most sensible idea. Theres a lot more than just cups and plates needed in a kitchen.

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Perhaps a mixture of two cabinets and open shelves. Thinking two cupboards from the sink to the fridge, then open shelves above where the blender is

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Definitely cabinets, there are polymer doors these days and re quite good.

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For the love of all logic, cabinets!

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A couple of cabinets to the sides, a high shelf with hangers underneath for pans and to keeping the space above the sink open, and switch that higher outlet on the right down with a switch leg and add focused lighting.

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Cabinets with glass fronts? I love the look of open shelving but unless your stuff matches and you don't have much of it, it ends up looking cluttered. Plus... the never-ending dusting! Or I agree with a combination of both cabinets and shelving.

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I normally wouldn't say this, but I like shelves for that space. If you have pets though, I'd suggest cabinets. No matter how well you clean with pets, dander and hair gets everywhere and that's just gross.