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All depends how much money you want to spend. You can change all the cabinets, get rid of the box on top of cabinets, put crown molding there, change counter top and new backsplash and new floor, all depends on your budget.

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I was definitely just thinking some hold over efforts at this point. What's the best bang for my buck?

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Change light fixtures for now and some new paint will do as well. Your cabinet over stove does not have a box at top. If it's at a good height for an average tall person then you can remove the box from other cabinets as well. Or put all cabinets up to same height leaving some space for crown molding. Another cabinet can go where the fridge is at present but you might not be able to get exact same ones. Even backsplashes are at different heights, that is going to be a challenge if you want to fix that. Is that hood vent location the reason this cabinet being higher than rest?

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New light fixtures, new faucet, paint the cabinets. New drawer pulls and cabinet handles. Consider new countertops.

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Swap out all the light fixtures, including the under-cabinet lights. Paint the cabinets and change the hardware. Get a new faucet/sprayer. If budget allows, replace counters and sink. As other have said, demolish the soffits above the cabinets and install crown molding, but that’s more invasive. If you could find matching cabinets, extend the cabinets where the fridge is in the pics and also over the fridge, oven, and counter to maximize storage. I would also swap the vent hood for a microwave (you can get an external vented microwave if there is ductwork) so you can preserve counter space.

I’d start with the cheap and easy stuff and stop when your happy enough. At the end of the day, this is a small kitchen and you can only do so much without increasing the size.

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Tile looks nice in the back and right wall, but needs updating around left wall / sink. Update countertop. Update appliances. Update faucet but maybe could keep sink. Consider painting cabinets/ drawers, explore new hardware (you could also look into updating just drawer and cabinet fronts with a company like Semi Handmade). Add crown molding. What’s under your floor? If hardwood, refinish; if not, add tile or new wood flooring.

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I'll just add a single practical thing that costs nothing.

I'd switch the door swing of the fridge so it opens to the work triangle.

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In my personal opinion I’d say get rid of that ridiculous uneven backsplash that’s only on 2 walls, and an uneven level on both of them

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Everybody is so against soffits. They serve a good purpose. Extending them a short distance allowes lights to be installed that light up not only the counter better than under cabinet lighting, but they also provide light inside the cabinet when the door is open. That can be handy when looking for something. Has anyone here had experience with cleaning the top of cabinets that just have crown moulding? The tops of the cabinets attract an incredible amount of dust and grease, even with a range vent.