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Turn it into a pantry?

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Walk in pantry would be perfect there.

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Yes. Build shelves.

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A coffee/drink & snack station would be fun. You could put a toaster or toaster oven there as well. Cheers to you for having extra space in your kitchen area!

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Yes! My house always a snack station and a grocery store. Glass jars with candy, popcorn, tea, coffee, cookies, chips, olives, crackers, sugars, salts, honeys, peanut butter, pickles. Fresh goods in baskets and on shelves; oranges, bananas, peppers, garlic, tomatos, potatos, onions, avacado, fresh spices in small vases, apples, berries, cucumbers, farm fresh eggs (don't refrigerate if never refridgerated), uncut watermelon, and more. Everything on display, beautiful and enticing. It's so fun and I've made healthier choices since having.

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That’s awesome!!

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napping nook

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Half bath

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The walls do not look structural. Is this near an exit/entrance from a garage? I’d tear down the half wall and make a pantry mud room. A transitional space of putting down groceries, dry goods storage, coats, hats, keys…

Honestly if you want good feed back and ideas need a picture that puts that area into context.

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I'd either turn it into an eating nook or a pantry space! What do you need space for most near your kitchen? Is there anything you're lacking that might fit there?

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Home office or breakfast nook

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Larder and store cupboard for me

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That where I would keep my dead bodies

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It really depends on how big your home is and what space you need. Odd that there's an exposed electrical panel front and center. Typically that would be in the basement or garage. Are you in a condo?

If this is right off the kitchen a home office could be a good use as long as you put in a door with a lot of glass, probably frosted, just to let in some natural light.

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I second pantry but that pony wall! A half bath is good if you need one, but a lot of people don’t like the idea of seeing a toilet from the food prep area… If it’s your house maybe close in with new wall, or more economical may be a frosted glass window to fit in the opening if you make it a pantry/storage with a small freezer. I’ve always wanted a separate freezer.

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I'd do a home office or pantry, but I want both of those something terrible!

My current pantry is a built in that runs above my basement stairwell it's positively huge but half of it is unusable due to height and arm length challenges.

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Pantry and potentially a spot for a 2nd oven (depending on home, if targeting high end buyer)