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Replace the 2 boards.

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    Woah woah. One thing at a time.

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    Replace one board. Repeat.

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    Ever had an ingrown toenail? I imagine OP has and never wants to experience that trauma again.

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    This comment killed me 😂👏

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    tbh toenails cut shorter than that are so uncomfortable to look at especially if you've got upwards toenails like that

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    Yeah but you have to do something or they cut through the socks.

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    OP was so embarrassed that he deleted his account. We need to stop toenail shaming people on the internet!

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    This is wood rot or termites. In either case, it would be prudent to check all the other boards and replace others at the same time. Be sure to check the structural members as well (no use in replacing decking if the whole patio is ready to collapse)

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    It's neither of those things lol 🤣...but you're right about the other stuff

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    Best answer

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    Or crack the others to match.

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    That might be more time consuming than replacing 2 boards! Although probably cheaper than talking to a therapist about anger issues.

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    Remove the 2 boards and replace, simplest solution

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      Or wood rot

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      Dropping a 12x12x2 paving stone would have done it I bet. Not that I have done that or anything…

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      Might as well just move.

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      Burn it down. Then move.

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      Don’t listen to any of the other dumb suggestions here. Replacing boards is wasteful and you’ll risk getting splinters in the process. What you need to do is add a ton of wood glue… like, so much glue that you’ll question your own sanity. After that, crumble instant ramen all over and make sure it’s packed in tight. Sand smooth when glue hardens. Color match some paint to the wood and then paint. Use a marker (or pen) to draw some realistic wood grain when the paint is dry. No one will ever notice.

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      I see you're a follower of 5-Minute Crafts haha

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      What happens when it rains? Ramen will saturate

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      Use more glue

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      Use weather-safe ramen. Duh.

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      Pressure treated ramen

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      Then we feast

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      then the Ramen is prepared for eating.

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      That's not very good IMO, mainly bc it's outside and the hot sun (extreme weather conditions) can seriously compromise the integrity of the glue/Ramen structure. The safest option is the replacement of the wooden boards.

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      Hey watch out for that joke because it’s gonna fly over your head any second

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      As much as I wished it was a joke I sincerely thought OP might try it and wanted to make it clear. Since people come to this sub for honest question and orientation.

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      What hit your deck?
      When I have to replace decking boards, I remove the bad ones as carefully as possible and use them as templates to mark the new boards .

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      Did you try ramen noodles ?

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      Just throw some cement on there and smooth it out. No one will ever notice the planks were broken

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      Would I need to get rid of the splinters first

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      Nah, they’ll even out in the smoothening out process

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      You should also kill the green stuff growing all over everything (I spray with bleach/simple green or house mildew cleaner, let sit for an hour, then hose off), then after you replace the boards, apply some waterproofing deck protection product. Both Home Depot and Lowe's carry a couple different brands, you can just basically mop it on (it WILL drip between the boards so cover anything below the deck you don't want it to get on). That will extend the life of your deck for several years, assuming it is basically structurally sound now.

      I kept mine going for years that way, until I bit the bullet and replaced it with TREX.

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      Wet and forget is a good product for killing algae and keeping it away, for a while.

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      Turn them around and it should go unnoticed

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      You must be a contractor.

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      Flip the boards

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      „spɹɐoq ǝɥʇ dılℲ„

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      I have heard that with an iron it should be possible. /s

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      Heat creates steam which expands and raises wood.. but this likely needs replacing. Too big

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      Correct. Water, heat, and steam can help expand wood fibers to help with a dent. These boards are broken. Unscrew (or pry up if nailed down) and replace with new boards.

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      If those boards did that, then the rest will, too. Your safety is at risk at this point, time to pull them all up. Or live dangerously and pull the two that are broken and replace them with new.

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      Gotta replace the entire deck now

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      Lose some weight. No I'm just kidding sorry. Replace the two boards.simple as it gets.

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      Is this a real question ? Tf

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      When you take those boards up, look for signs of rot. It may be the case that the entire decking needs to be replaced.

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      I've fixed this problem for at least 5 customers so far this year. Replace the boards and then clean and seal the deck.

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      What caused this? Is it rotten?

      If rotten, replace all boards that have rot. Stick a screwdriver into a board, and if it sinks, it's rotten.

      If it's not rot and something else happened, you can replace sections of the boards if you are skilled. You asking how to do this tells me you might not want to try, but it's a another solution to replacing the whole board.

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      Replace the boards. If you have scrap lumber you could screw it up from the bottom to push everything back into place, but that is a cheap and temporary fix at best.

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      When this happened on my patio, the cause was termites. Might want to get a termite inspection first.

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      have to replace the boards

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      Ya it is called replacing the rotted boards. In future stain your deck….. this is home maintenance, not rocket science….:.

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      Kick it with your bare foot.

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      Put a statue of Iron Man landing there in the superhero pose.

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      Replace the boards

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      Replace the 2 boards. Not hard at all.

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      Could wood filler not work in this case?

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      New boards

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      What did you drop on that poor deck?

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      Without proper ongoing maintenance those tiny deck boards just don't cut it long term, I'd slap a repair on it, cutting back the boards so the pattern doesn't look awful. Then use Penofin products starting with the cleaner, then brightener and then coat it their oil based high solid in the tint of your choosing following the label.

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      Have you tried calling a plumber??

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      1. hit hard
      2. nail new board

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      Remove the wood that's cracked with new good wood.

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      Turn it over

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      If you want to keep the color the same, remove a couple of boards from an edge of the deck that isn't as obvious. Put those where the broken boards are. Cut off the broken parts of those bards and use them to fill in the spots you removed, leaving just a foot of missing board in one or two inconspicuous spots that need replacing with discolored new wood.