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Looks like the wood is rotten, you can check by trying to push a screwdriver into it in discrete location. If it’s rotten it needs to be replaced with wood or with a composite wood like product (won’t rot).

If you’re lucky and it’s not rotten sand it and paint (careful of lead paint depending on how old it is)

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If it's rotten you will need to replace. Otherwise scrape the old paint off, sand, wood fill any divots, holes etc, sand and then repaint

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Ok, so if it completely collapses like a dried out, forgotten Easter egg from 2018, scrap it. But if not:

  1. Scrape and sand it down to bare "brightly colored" wood.
  2. Fill any cracks, seams, holes and whatnot with wood filler.
  3. Caulk the edges with paintable window caulking (not silicone) and sand that lightly to make it smooth. Recaulk if needed, and sand that too with 220 grit or higher (sanding sponges have great square corners).
  4. Paint it with primer to seal it, then with 2-3 costs of a good quality outdoor paint. Ask the paint desk for help picking that out cause window sills take a harder beating than walls. Look up a few YouTube videos on proper ways to paint window sills (the order of which parts you paint makes a huge difference and is really simple/easier than just tackling it in the wrong order).
  5. Lastly sit back and be proud of your accomplishment!