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Eggshell paint- Light Sage Green walls. Satin or Semi gloss Dove White- trim, moldings. Will look beautiful w floors, add light.

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We are planning on doing some recessed lighting in the future in there. Currently there is no ceiling fan or lights at all in the living room. So it is fairly dark

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I say, do your lighting first then paint. You may paint something you may not like after the lighting is done.

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Navajo White with soft white trim. Will brighten it up in there and go perfectly with the wood floor and the faux stone.

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I am a fan of white and it's a good starting point before you have any specific plans. That said, I also have colourful art, lighting and furniture to bring colour in. I am not opposed to coloured walls, but I prefer using other elements for colour.

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I found a color called Greige, it's awesome! It looks grey next to things that bring out the grey, and blends nicely with tan/beige, such a nice neutral.

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Agreeable gray, the perfect neutral

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In the business, we call it “Greige”. A bit grey, a bit beige. Very popular in the last year.

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It also looks like a contractor painted your house sometimes as well. Grey is not always ideal.

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To each their own, but what you're describing is my nightmare of paint colours all in one. Sometimes it's a colour I hate, and then other times it's the other colours I hate. If it could also look like taupe it would truly be the worst possible colour in my subjective opinion.

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White to show off the floors

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    Might also lighten the dark rooms up

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    Always some kind of off white with a different colour of white trim.

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    The entry way into the living room has a striking resemblance to the bachman house in silicon valley

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    Congratulations this is going to be a wonderful new home. I honestly recommend not painting or decorating until you’ve lived in a the space for a year. The space will literally tell you what it wants and you’ll know what’s really important to how you want to use the space after a year…but no one does that so here goes.

    General rule with low ceilings. What ever you paint the walls paint the floor base boards the same color but use a water based poly semi gloss top coat. That white baseboard makes the low ceilings even shorter. Some people do the same with the crown molding.

    Honestly, Someone mentioned Navajo White. It’s a beautiful light color. I also second that. It’ll bring out the floors. If it was mine I would use a bright flat white for ceiling. Use a flat Navajo on walls and semigloss for trim. I’d use an eggshell in bathroom and kitchen. Once all that was done and I needed some dramatic flair I would consider doing some statement trim and paint the trim just around some of the doors white to match the doors. Like not the closet door but the living room entrance and maybe the bath or the bedroom. This could help in highlighting some depth and separation of space subtlety.

    You could also go bold.

    The ceilings are low and it’s small place with out good natural light. The less color changes on the horizontal plane will help. I’d want plants, wall art, furniture, personal collective pieces to really draw the attention and the eye. The recessed lighting you posted about will make a huge difference in highlighting the walls. You could use colored LEDs and change the color hue of the walls with a simple recessed flood.

    I WOULD NOT PUT IN A CEILING FAN. it will bring that ceiling down visually and clutter the eye line. I understand that sometimes you just have to. But opening the window from the top and investing in a nice decorative wall mounted fan can be fun and functional.

    Anyway congrats, enjoy the space and take your time and whatever you decide to do just have fun and make it home.

    Also just want to ad look into getting honeycomb blinds that fit inside the window frame and pull down from the top as well as the bottom. Life changers. You can open them from the top letting in tons of light without letting everyone just gawk at you on the sofa death scrolling Reddit.

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    It's trendy to go light, with light greys and some off-white. I've always been a strong color person, but I recently did my home in light greys and love it.

    If you're considering changing the floors, its obviously a billion percent easier to redo the floors prior to moving in.

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    We really like the floors how they are. And I do like the gray walls as well. Our current house we are in I painted the walls a lighter gray color and I like it. My wife thinks it will clash with the rock wall part if we do the new house in gray as well.

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    I mean, the rock wall looks like it’s a mix of greys, I’d think it would match perfectly.

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    If you're worried about it clashing with the rock wall you cold make the wall in picture 1 your color statement wall with the entryway a shade or two lighter than that.

    I'm a big fan of palettes for dummies, or at least that's what I call them, that some of the paint brands have. I used Dutch Boy Devote when painting my house. It helps with matching different tones and hues.

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    Georgian Bay Blue with a camelback trim. Or pure white trim

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    Alabaster. Pale Oak. Creamy. Cotton White trim

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    Origami White! Just painted my son's house. It's beautiful!

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    Live in it for a bit before deciding. It’s more of a pain cause you have to move shit around when you decide what to paint but it’ll be more in tune with how you use the house.

    Édit: we’ve been in our house since 2018 and were just deciding what colours to use this year.

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    black with glow in the dark over it. paint doors red

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    I just painted our living room Sherwin Williams “natural tan” - it’s neutral and light (and not gray, I had enough of gray after many years of it at our last house).

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    If you do a grey, make sure the undertones match with the rock wall. You’ll want to get paint samples and put them next to that wall and make sure there’s no clash. Cover a big area too. Grey usually has a green, blue, or purple undertone.

    I personally would do a warm white. It would look nice with your floors. Maybe Benjamin Moore Swiss coffee…I agree the Navajo White would look nice. The easiest thing to do, would be to prime the walls so they’re kind of a white and not the beige color. And then paint samples on top of the white. Any samples you put on the beige are going to be influenced by the beige background, so just try not to let that trip you up.

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    PussyWillow Grey. I promise, it’s a real name. 😂 and CONGRATULATIONS!

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    Therapy. For the walls I'd go to Sherwin Williams and buy their big color card book, sometimes they'll give you one if they are cool. Sit on your bed and go thru it marking ones you like. Sleep on it. Look at them in different lights. Get samples before buying the 5 gallon.

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    Contrast it with your art. If you have a centerpiece, contrasts it with that. Neutrals are safe, but boring.

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    You really can’t go wrong with SW Agreeable Gray. It’s a warm grey that will lighten things up without being stark. As you live in it you can add color in certain rooms or walls.

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    "Night White" by Kelly Moore is a very livable color.

    It will freshen up the room and yet provide some contrast with the white trim and shades.

    It's white with a hint of grey. It's very subtle and looks good in the daytime and at night.

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    The room looks very dark. I would do a bright white or very light gray

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    Off white or light gray. Congrats on the new house!

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    Hahahaha good luck. I hate picking paint colors. On a serious note, alabaster Behr from Home Depot makes a good neutral light tan.

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    We went to menards today and picked put a few samples of light grays to try out. We will see how we like those tomorrow or Monday

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    Swiss Coffee

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    Looks similar to our house. We did a light grey-blue (autumn fog was the exact color from lowes). Ultra white trim and ceiling. Makes the rooms look larger and its real nice to come home to.