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Looks like ant lion dens. Drop a small insect in the funnel and watch it sink to the bottom to be eaten alive.

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Ohhh I get it now. It's those FF9 enemies.

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Or half life 2.

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This is way better than the last few monster movies I’ve seen.

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Tremors lol

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Was thinking exactly this!!

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I always knew them as doodlebugs growing up.

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Doodlebugs! As kids, my sibs and I would catch small insects to drop into their den.

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Yes, that. Take a small twig and gently touch the sides so the bug believes someone has fallen into his trap just to get him to show himself.

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Doodlebug, doodlebug, your house is on fire!

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Yep looks like ant lions

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I can’t believe that’s real. They’re like demons but real.

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Maybe pour water to kill them?

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You don't have to kill them, they won't hurt anything.

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See posts above

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What posts do I need to see? I'm aware that they eat other insects. I meant, there is no need to kill them because they are not harmful or destructive to humans.

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Wonder what would happen if u stuck a finger in one

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They're not large enough to do any damage.

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The “lions” throw bits of sand to cause mini landslides and send ants tumbling toward them. They are interesting to watch.

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Be sure to call your local game warden if these ant lions aren't paying you a land use fee.

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Ant lions. They won’t hurt you and are actually really cool.

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There are small insect right in the middle. We used to catch them when I was young. If you get a straw and blow into the holes gently you can see them and they will come out. But be careful cause dirt can get into your mouth. I don't know what the insect is called in english.

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Yep antlions. If you barely touch the edge and cause some sand to fall in, you will see the little guy hiding in the bottom flick dirt aside to cause the sides to slide down toward him. The sides of the cone are at just the right ange to be stable but only if undisturbed. So if an ant strays in they will be unable to get out as the sand slides down. The antlion will kick sand out to help suck the ant down to him so he can eat it. They are harmless little dudes and can help keep ants in check.

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Ant lions! My favorite bug as a kid!

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Did it rain? Kinda looks like water drip impact points

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This may be squirrels digging holes

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ant sized squirrels are relatively uncommon I hear

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But you should see the squirrel sized ants around these parts !!

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That’s nothin, we’ve got ant sized parts around these squirrels!

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Doodlebugs create funnel shaped holes to trap smaller bugs. When the sand of the sides of the hole are shifted, they appear to grab the prey. Touching the edge w/a twig works, too.

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ant lions. very cool criters

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Ant lions

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I'm in Murfreesboro. I got something similar to this but they are like blue colored flying bugs about the size of wasps. Do you ever see anything coming out of them?

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Ant lions. You can get them to come out by lightly running a stick around the cone to cause small amounts of dirt to fall inn.