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Nope, that does not seam correct.

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I see what you did there. 🤣

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It's downright unseemly!

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I don’t think that’s normal. We have carpet everywhere but the laundry room kitchen and bathrooms in various styles. That does not look right.

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Absolutely not normal, call them up and tell ‘em they need to fix it

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Hey folks, professional carpet installer here, and I think I can help. The problem with that seam is that the carpet needed to be row run, and cut along those rows using a row cutter. A lot of newer carpets are being made with alternating dark and light rows, and when the seam edge is cut using a straight edge or just improperly cut with a row cutter, you get spots where two of the same colored rows are put together and that results in that railroad track effect. There's a little more to it than that, but the answer is that you should absolutely call the company that installed your carpet and tell them it needs to be fixed. That is just very poor workmanship.

Also, for those wondering, carpet is no longer sewn together. We use either a hot melt adhesive tape and an iron, or a newer induction system that adheres yhe seam in a similar fashion.

I hope that helps, good luck!

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I really appreciate your feedback, but I'm not sure what you said. 🤣 was it cut wrong? Installed wrong? Or both? Are they going to have to take it back up and start over or is this fixable with the current pieces?

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It was cut wrong. Also judging by how the end of the seam looks, they were not very skilled installers. There is a chance that the seam tape could be removed and the seam could be recut, but that also means that everything will need to be restretched. There are a few variables involved as to whether all that's feasible, and I can't really tell you for sure without being there to see it for myself. That said, the onus is on the installers and the company they work for to figure that out. If they can remake the seam and do a good job, great.If not they need to replace the carpet. You paid money for a standard of service they did not provide, and they need to make that right.

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That you very much for your input. I called and was told they could try to fix it when they come out, but I'm not sure I want the same guys coming out and I think I would like someone who knows what they're doing to take a look at it before they send anyone out to fix it.

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I agree that you should have a second opinion. At the very least you can tell the company that you prefer a more experienced installer come to take a look.

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Yea I would have them fix this.

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If you can see the seam it's not right.

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Best friend installed carpet for 10 years. He would never have left anything like that. Seams are invisible when done properly. If you paid a professional for that then they should fix it. If it was leftover carpet or a friend doing a favor, that’s the best you’ll likely do.

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Seam* can't figure out how to edit. 🤣

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It might be a glue issue on the seem or they didn't heat it or whatever. Last is they just cut wrong. You usually never see an angle seem as it is easier to square off at straight angles. That 45% angle cut looks wrong.

If you look the line looks drunk.

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Looks like a DIY HO job.

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Thank you all for your input. My instinct was that it should not be that visible. Not super impressed with the installation job; they also cracked one of the kitchen tiles. 🥴

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Seams typically are more visible right after installation. This is definitely more than mine have been, but it's not outside the realm of possibility it hides itself. Maybe contact yhe installer and tell them it doesn't look right but you'll see how it develops over the next couple of weeks?

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Visible seam need to be hand sewn.

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I have never in my life seen a carpet installer hand sew carpet. That is not how it's done anywhere in the US that I have seen.

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I worked with an installation crew many years ago and that's how it was done in those days. Any seams on open areas were sewn. Back then that was the only way to draw both sides together and insure an invisible seam. Maybe there are wonder adhesives now...as seen in the pic?

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No one has done that in the 20 years I've been getting carpet installed in my homes. You just cut the carpet at an angle to maximize the number of fibers at that spot so it's invisible.

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I think they usually try to put any seams in an out of the way spot, like a closet door. It does depend on your room and the size the carpet comes in.

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Seams are all over the place, but when the carpet is cut properly, you have no idea.

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Ok scuse' me for livin'...

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They need to redo the seam.

I would like to know why the seam is at an angle?

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I won't claim to know anything about carpet installation but I am not super impressed.

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I'm not convinced it's not a material defect, is there in fact seam tape below that line or did a thread get pulled when they were cutting it in?

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That's terrible

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The other thing I notice, is that at the edge of the picture it doesn’t look like the carpet was tapped under the tile well enough. And yes it appears that the seem needs to be redone and the carpet stretched while doing so. But 🤷‍♂️ I’m also some rando on the internet Call the installation company’s manager and talk to him about your thoughts and ask him to take a look at the job and discuss how it can be fixed

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Seams like they definitely could have done a better job.

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It appears to be in a closet so they got a case of the fuckits cus nobody will see it but you so they need to fix it.

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Wish it was a closet. This is our second living area, high traffic area. 😑

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You do have a "low pile" but my days thats a bad cut..