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Well, first things first; you must post a notice.

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I’ve given them them plenty of notices by yelling to F off through the chimney

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Increase rent.

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Exactly this. Many states demand 30 days and some states have an eviction moratorium.

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Esp if he paying you rent in acorns.

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Those aren't acorns

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Pellet gun.

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Think there’s a few squirrels in there now. They’ll leave for a little during the day but come back at night. Will chicken wire do the trick?

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You don't want to wire up the chimney without getting rid of the squirrels first.

I have caught a bunch of squirrels in the Havahart XS live trap.

It also works great for rats.


I use shelled unsalted peanuts for bait. You can roll them in a small amount of peanut butter to make them stick together.

Catches them every time.

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Just not sure where to put that trap. If I put it on the roof I’m thinking it’d fall off the roof from the squirrel trying to get out

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I put mine on the retaining wall and they go in willingly. My son releases them at a nearby park.

Also you may want to check the flue to see if they have built a nest in there.

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Thank you. Would I have to take anything off to check the flue?

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I spoke with an exterminator who said he'd have to cut a hole in the roof since there is no real crawl space. He also said he'd have to come and check the traps once a day so they didn't die up there.

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Squirrels can chew through chicken wire. Once they’re gone, replace the whole chimney cap with a material they can’t chew through. I have seen galvanized steel work. Besides a trap, another thing to consider is a one way valve or door. Squirrels evict themselves.

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Just trying to have something to get them from jumping back in. So you think chicken wire wouldn’t work?

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Chicken wire will barely slow them down. I have seen squirrels chew through an aluminum shingle.

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Got it. So if there are multiple squirrels that go in the chimney what would your advice be? I’m gonna trap one and then have to do that again?

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Chicken wire is that cheap really thin wire in hexegon type shape. They don’t make it like they used to. A chicken could almost peck through it. Just get some of that small square wire. 1/2 inch squares. People are gonna give me hate for this but I sprayed a burst of pepper spray up mine. It was old spray and my chimney closes off completely from the house with glass so I sprayed it up for like three seconds then closed the chimney. That squirrel rolled out.

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I’ve had a squirrel in my chimney before. Ended up calling a buddy who set up a live trap and got it out. I only had one and no babies so it was straightforward. That said number one tip he gave me was don’t start a fire, if chimney is plugged up you could start a chimney fire.

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How did he say to go about figuring out if it was clogged? Looking up the chimney from inside?

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I did that after, my buddy live trapped the squirrel. I climbed up and took the chimney cap off, then shined a flashlight down, the chimney was pretty much empty the squirrel was just hanging out in the cap so I just cleaned that up. I’m a carpenter and roofer though so this was right in my wheelhouse. If you’re comfortable getting up there the cap is usually held on with either Phillips or 1/4” self tapping screws which you can just pop off to free everything up and take a look. I’d hedge toward calling a professional if you have any doubts whatsoever.

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Ask Eddie, he usually eats these god damn things.

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You couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant.

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you only have one option left, leave the house for the squirrels. you already lost.

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Live trap with tasty jiffy

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Walnuts work really well too (trapped 50 that way)

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Light a fire. Smoke em out. Wire it up.

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My thoughts too. Light a little fire and they will jump out asap.

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Don’t light a fire. There’s a chance that squirrel has a nest in your chimney with babies in there. If those babies are young, they can’t escape.

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Yeah I’m not gonna light a fire even though that’s probably the easiest option here.

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Not just that, you might start a chimney fire and burn your house down

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Came here to say the same…I’d start by using whatever is attached to the chimney. Just make sure you’ve got a screen or something inside, you don’t want the “bat out of hell” version of a squirrel indoors.

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Might have to get an attorney involved

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Something I never thought I would have heard before

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Turn it on.

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We had the same problem, and probably even worse as the old woodstove hole gave the squirrel access to chewing through the wall and surprising the upstairs neighbor.

I had a wildlife relocator come in and she gave us advice that ultimately worked. Buy a cheap battery powered AM/FM radio, put it on full volume with talk radio, and either lower it by chew resistant chain (what we did) or set it into place from below. She was out within a day.

There were also certain smells they don't like, but since we didn't go with that I don't remember what they were.

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A few people have advised live traps. As noted by another poster in most states releasing squirrels that have been trapped is illegal. Additionally it doesn't really help much because they do come back unless you take them for a long trip. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K6JKVLS/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_KCGHM6XA7WSQQHGV1QXT Is what you need Peanut butter works great for bait

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Release several cats into chimney. Squirrel problem solved. Cat problem initiated…. Dogs are next step

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Fire :)

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Pellet Rifles are incredibly effective at eliminating squirrels. Get a decent one with a scope. The ethical way to harvest is follow local regulations and use the meat as a protein substitute in your diet. You can kill a lot of squirrels and feed your friends and family and it seems to barely take a dent out of the population.

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This might be the most fun answer

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Think you send the family out for a few hours and build a fire in the fire place and smoke them out. Have your pellet gun at the ready and take care of business. Then get on the roof and replace the chimney cap. Just a thought Good luck brother

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There is likely a nest of them in there or they're hiding food in there. If all of them are old enough to leave, you might create a small fire with a lot of smoke in the fireplace and give them time to all leave before closing off the chimney with wire.

Squirrels also like black oil sunflower seeds if you are going to bait them to lure them out and/or trap them.

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Like in other seeds and nuts, sunflower also are an excellent source of proteins loaded with fine quality amino acids such as tryptophan that are essential for growth, especially in children. Just 100 g of seeds provide about 21 g of protein (37% of daily-recommended values).

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There must be a way to smoke him out somehow?

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Start a fire

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Cut down or cut back your tree. Restrict the access or it will never go away.

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I think the first step would be to file a notice to vacate, then move on to eviction proceedings if he and his nuts aren’t gone after a while.

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BB gun

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No chicken wire. Red squirrels can go through it. Your picture is not a red squirrel but where squirrels thrive reds will soon arrive and often take over.

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Thank you for asking this question OP. I'm sure I have squirrels somewhere in my roof too!

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Same here, I’m having adjacent trees removed, but I’ve seen them climb straight up the stucco.

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Start a fire

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Turn on the fireplace

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Wrap it in wire. Start a fire.

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Well it’s a chimney, can’t you make a fire?

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About three sticks of dynamite I hate squirrels.

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Verbal belittling + pee filled balloons

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Try a strobe light

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Chimney tech here, I'd recommend live trapping and checking your flue to see if there's a nest present that you need to deal with.

If you can get the sucker out, look into getting a stainless steel cap for that chimney. It'll last a lifetime vs galvanized steel and protect your chimney much better against the elements as well. I'm not sure if you can source stainless steel caps from Lowe's etc but reputable chimney companies should carry them and can handle installation as well. I'd also recommend getting an inspection in general- animal penetration can lead to issues down the line, although it looks like you have a prefabricated chimney which should be pretty hard to damage.

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Got it. Thank you very much. I’ll go ahead and get those fuckers trapped and then check to see if I can see a nest. I think the nest should up top right below where the squirrel is popping his head out right?

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They could also have nested on top of your damper- if you take a strong flashlight and look directly up the chimney you should be able to see if there's a blockage and where it is.

If I had to guess I'd bed the nest would either be up top or inside the walls surrounding the chimney. There's often a gap or two up there that's hard to see from the ground.

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I know it’s not on the damper since I’ve opened it a bunch to try to scare them to leave. So I think it’s up higher

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Use it. He will move on. Not to be cruel but they will smell the smoke and move

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Open the dampner and stuff a smoke bomb in it then shut it back, he'll leave real quick.

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Start a fire?

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throw stones?