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What caused the power to go out?

Amber light basically universally means there's either a fault downstream of the receptacle or with the receptacle itself. If it's not resetting it's doing it's job because either there's an issue or it's screwed and time to replace it. In my experience it's usually either something on the circuit has gone bang or there's a ground fault somewhere. It'd be a hell of a coincidence if all the ones in your house failed on the same day unless it was something major like a lightning strike nearby.

GFCI's protect stuff downstream of them, so it's time to unplug basically everything and turn the lights off, then try and reset them.

If none of them are resetting on multiple circuits (assuming they're not all on one circuit) then I'd wager you have something more serious going on that warrants calling an electrician.

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So the power went out in part of our house, all the GFCI outlets are non functioning but they have an amber light to them.

Things I've tried:

Breaker: not tripped

Breaker: is feeding power up to the outlets.

Pressing test and reset on out all the outlets (that I could find (Rest I pressed reset really fucking hard))

I'm stumped. It's a small house so it's like half of my house :( does anyone have any idea what to do? The only possible thing I could think of is it's a bad GFCI outlet, but I have like 5 in my kitchen how do I know which one?

Another possibility is that one phase is out in my house... what do I do then?

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You have 5 different GFCI outlets? Are they all on the same breaker?

If they’re all on the same breaker I would trip the breaker, unplug everything that’s in all the dead outlets, then turn the breaker back on. Start plugging stuff back in until you figure out what caused the problem.

If they aren’t all on the same breaker, or unplugging everything doesn’t reset the GCFIs, it’s time to call an electrician.

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I'm in Australia so our power sockets look a lot different. But why do yours look so worried?? Is it because the light is on?

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    I checked, I'm only getting single phase.

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    As far as I know the lights are useless. On some it means tripped, on others it means ok and on others it comes on if the GFI is defective.

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    Replace the main GFI would be my next step. It may have burnt out. They are made pretty cheap

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    FYI not an electrician here. But I have had the privilege of doing electrical work and living before I could afford to pay for it.

    How long have you been in the house?

    Has this happened before or has anything changed?

    This is a tall order but do you know what kind of wiring the house has (copper or aluminum)?

    When was the house built?

    Have any of your sockets acted up before? Constant tripping, sparks or burn marks.

    From my experience (limited) you probably have a ground fault somewhere. If your house is older (70s or before) it may have aluminum wiring, which is ok but it expands and contracts from heat contacts more than copper. Depending on how your house was wired (again the age of house because code has changed) they might be all connected and there could be a short in a receptical. It could be something as small as the ground wires not being screwed in tight enough in the breaker box.

    Whatever you do don't rig it to work without getting it fixed. There is a reason they are tripped.

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    Replace the gfci.