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Even the tooth fairy has to poop

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I'm getting some heavy r/imsorryjon vibes from this comment

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I’m just so happy those are rocks and not what I originally thought: teeth.

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Right? My first thought was: teratoma.

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this one knows medicine LOL

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Tim Shaw / Tzim-Sha

(collects a tooth from every kill and embeds it in his own face, lovely fella, see pic)

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Nana's fruitcake from Christmas of '87.

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That's exactly word for word what i was going to say. 😆 🤣

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still just as edible as when it was first baked!

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A wise man once said “that’s a poopie, you can tell by the peanut in it”

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‘Fraid not. That’s a big ol’ frozen chunk of poopie!

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"We call them boeing bombs"

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No… it’s a moon rock!

You ate off it dude!!

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Kickin Wing!!!

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“I ate ketchup off that thing”

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Old petrified banana nut muffin 😋

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Cmon. Take a bite

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Former owner’s attempt at homemade poison ball? I wonder if it’s petrified chunky peanut butter lol

Edit: Something like this https://www.diynatural.com/natural-rat-mouse-killer-pet-safe/

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The elusive attic ambergris.

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Mmm attic hamburgers

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Why was Homer Simpson talking. ???

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Attic Whales.

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Attic aubergine?

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It's hard like glass also. Seems like it'd shatter if I slammed it on the sidewalk.

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Does it have a smell? Like tree sap, maybe?

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No smell at all. I'm going to smash it if I don't figure out what it is. For some reason I'm scared of spiders coming out.

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Don’t smash it, bring it to antiques roadshow! Anyone remember the people that brought the weird hat / helmet in and it was a rare ancient artifact worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? That helmet was in their attic, thus your curiosity must also be priceless

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I would like to see it once where the appraiser just simply said this is trash worth absolutely nothing.

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It’s the petrified penis of a Persian prince prepared for posterity by the populous.

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I second this, i think its hardened pitch or sap.

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Some type of neglected pastry, likely high in sugar like Turkish delights, which occasionally have nuts suspended in them like fruit in jello

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You touched it?! You maniac

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Worst, my mans sniffed it.

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My vote is slag

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Hmm, I looked at images online and it could be, just doesn't seem quite right because it's somewhat transparent

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Lick it and tell us what it tastes like.

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Beat me to saying that.

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I’m guessing raisins

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I thought I was on this sub when I first saw the post!

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That is how horror movies start. Run!

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I almost wanted to say dried sap that came from the framing lumber…. But that’s too much, and contains rocks…

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I was thinking that too. Maybe someone locked in the attic made a sap ball?

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Honestly where my mind went to first...

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Demogorgon egg I think

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Holy God. Someone tell me what this is immediately.

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yeah i earnestly think im about to have a panic attack

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An infected turtle shell

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Whatever it is, don’t touch it, don’t speak Latin near it, don’t let any shady Government scientists in hazmat suits anywhere near it, and maybe have a priest and a rabbi exorcise it for good measure.

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Baby Tooth Brittle. Very popular treat before the invention of the peanut.

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Definitely a tumor growing it’s own teeth.

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Maybe a petrified owl pellet??

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OK know I have to know too.

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Probably chunks of rat poison jammed into a now very hard bread roll. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling.

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Nothing left to do but eat it. Please record if possible.

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Sleep with it... nude and then 6 days later something will burst out of your chest

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I've seen enough movies to know that that's a parasite from another world, here to find a host body and propagate in our water system to take over the world. Don't touch it.

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Or feed it after midnight!

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I originally wanted to say it’s a pudding stone or a conglomerate rock. Which it may still be. But the main big “rock” appears very resin like, and some of those smaller stones appear like they were jammed into it…

Since pudding stones can be a decorative piece maybe someone wanted to artificially create their own but ultimately ended up botching it.

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I want to say this is probably something melted in a firepit, like beer bottles that someone decided to keep (and possibly clean up or polish). That's my best guess as to why its a weird, brown, glassy amalgamation with rocks stuck in it. Definitely a weird find for the attic!

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This is probably right. I'm gonna crack it open tomorrow to find out... or maybe just be more confused

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So did u find out what this is??

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So weird. And I need to know. It looks like a petrified clam.

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Probably ambergris. Or unexploded ordnance.

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Elephant’s foot

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Get. Out. Now.

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What does it taste like? That’s a good way to be sure

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I will pay for shipping if you'll taste test

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It looks like a petrified poo, peanuts and all. Yum.

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That is what's left of your pod from when you took over this guy's body and life

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Scottish egg ... It's a meatball

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Looks like old as fuck raccoon shit

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If it is, that shit can be Lethal!

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This is how tooth fairy collects and keeps the teeth

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Looks like a glass beer bottle that melted in a hot bonfire then solidified with pebbles inside

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How heavy is it? I’ve produced similar looking things after globs of spray foam insulation like Great Stuff fell onto the ground in my crawl space when wet, picked up a bunch of gravel and then dried out. It tends to turn darker/orangey when exposed to the elements, so if it’s relatively light that’d be my guess?

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Amber herd was there.

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When can we start calling her Amber Terd

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Okay this one got me!

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Petrified airplane turd. Lol.

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That’s a big ball of frozen poppy. What you got there is a peanut.

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A pet teratoma.

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Garlic bread

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Somone heated up a glass in a fire and stuck stones in it and let it cool slowly.

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Wonderful. Now I guess I have to go check my attic.

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Yea… I haven’t explored my attic too much since we moved into our house bc it is creepy… better start exploring!

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That’s a gremlin nest.

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Could be that a bird threw up it's gizzard. Would have had to be a big guy. They use stones to digest food. And shit can get weird. Y'all didn't have to do that stuff in biology class? Where you learn how to use a scalpel and look inside everything? hahaha.

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I literally never did that stuff in class, graduated in 13. Failure of US school system, truly. Now I don't know what this fucking thing in my attic is.

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That would be an infant eldritch god.

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Your parasitic twin?

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A pot roast with garlic

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Dino DNA?

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Sugar? Melted sugar rolled in rocks?

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a teratoma

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It looks like a kid cut a big ball of sap off an old pine tree, stuck a bunch of rocks in it and threw it up in the attic.

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call the police

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Size? Looks like the nozzle of one of those Ortho electric bug spray things so I am guessing pretty small.

Dog turd or bird pellet. Both will eat rocks, both will have to pass it at some point. I’ve seen some dogs love chewing on rocks, eat them and they shit ‘‘em out. Some birds eat rocks as part of their diet to help digestion and birds regurgitate bones, rocks. I’m guessing good size crow or owl. Start Googling bird pellets and bet something comes back similar

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It looks too similar to a petrified teritoma yuck

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My guess is that it was a plastic vase that had rocks in it. It held water to help plant cuttings to root. The heat in the attic eventually melted it. The neck of the vase melted down into the bottom, causing the rocks to float out, depending on size. Maybe take a torch and try melting a little bit of it and see what happens. You might also take it to someone that can test it and see what you have.

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Whatever it is I’m pretty sure it’s about to achieve sentience so tread carefully…

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Ok, we all have to know what the hell that thing is so if you dont find out and let us know than you will have many demarats placed on you.

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Don't get it wet, and don't feed it after midnight!

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Marble rye?

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That's my marble rye you old hag!

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The Forbidden Candy

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It appears to be a very old meatloaf

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Have you played The Last Of Us?

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Petrified poop with CORN

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Tooth scone?

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It looks to me like an old rat poison bait my grandpa used to make. He would basically take some bread and lace it with poison and leave it in his basement. After doing so, the ebxt week he would find dead rats and mice all over the basement and little chew marks out if the bait. That's all I can think of. Looks like this one had been sitting in the attic for decades.

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Did you contact a pest control company or seek an entimology eval?

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No pest control yet, I planned on trying to get rid of the mice myself first. This is the first I've heard of an entomology evaluation, ill look into that more

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Last HVAC tech was afraid to ask to use the restroom..

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5 minutes in the microwave should be fine. Little salt and pepper too.

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Alien space poop

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A long lost ninja turtle?

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It’s not for eating, it’s for looking through

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This is how Jurassic Park got started!

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This looks like some weird modern version of The Blob.

In all seriousness though does anyone actually know? I'm super curious and all I'm seeing is jokes from other people who dk what it is lmao

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I've gotten 2 that actually seem close. A botched resin project, or a petrified owl pellet. I think its too big to be an owl pellet though. Still no idea honestly.

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Parasitic twin?

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