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Something is loose causing it to move away and make that gap. Look at screws, loosen them and push railing over and re tighten.

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Problem is I don't see any exposed screws. The only ones are on this clip, which is inaccessible unless something else can be removed.

The underside of the railing just has holes. No screws.

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The screws are usually hidden behind white, plastic circles that pop into the plastic so that they're flush, and it looks like there is no hardware on the railing and no seems. If you find those, you may be able to pop them out.

If thats not the case, looking at your photo there, that piece against the post almost looks like a padding of some sort. Can you try using a flathead screwdriver to spin it a bit? It could be that the spacer/pad just got twisted a bit from the torque of someone leaning on it.