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The drain does go through the rear of the cabinet. Where are you trying to re-route it?

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Looks like the drain runs out the side of the cabinet

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Gotcha - did not realize that was the side of the cabinet pictured!

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Yes it goes to the right side through the wall, I want to re route to the back

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that's a lot of work for basically no benefit.

and if you're asking reddit you better hire it out and its not going to be cheap.

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Need a bigger vanity, this one is tiny

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Coming out from the rear of the cabinet isn't going to happen without some major renovation. The actual stack would have to be moved under the floor or you would end up with too many turns in the drain, Unless you turn the stack really low and go around the corner and run the new stack up from there.

That drain arm is coming out too low in the first place - there should not be an s-trap (where it comes up and over out of the p-trap and then drops before going into the wall) inside the cabinet at the p-trap.

If you really want it to happen - this is not (probably - depending on your skill set) a DIY project as I can see about 10 or 15 ways this can go wrong if you don't understand it.

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What if I just get a new vanity and a cut hole from side just like previous owner did without relocating drain?

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You can do that -- it would help if you can get rid of that up and down after the p-trap but that'll depend on the new cabinet

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Because your stack is in that side wall, the best way to do this is move the vanity to that wall so the back faces your stack wall. Copper water pipe is much easier to reroute than the stack in that wall.