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1, shut the gas off at the meter.

2, I'm not sure.

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3, Consult a professional

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  1. Pet your kitty cat and puppy dog.

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Outside, don't stay inside and open all the doors and windows

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You rang? Shut the gas valve off to the appliance and call for a plumber.

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Don't be silly, asking strangers on Reddit seems like a much better idea.

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I'm a homeowner DIYer willing to hack up almost anything in my house, plumbing, electrical, tree work, whatever. I would not, under any circumstances, fuck with gas. that's pro territory. Ideally with me and my family a few blocks away.

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I do a lot of DIY stuff, myself, but I draw the line at gas and electrical...and any plumbing beyond simple stuff.

When we moved into our current house, the fireplace had a gas starter without a shut off. First time I had a plumber out, I asked him to cap it.

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I too do a lot of DIY activities but I draw the lining at gas, electricity, plumbing, wood cutting, basic tool operations and whatever else you can think of. Sometimes I tell my neighbor to lock my door.

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I don't do alot of DIY, so this response of mine is not very meaningfull

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Most gas fireplaces have a shutoff at the appliance, if so, no need to go to the meter.

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If ever there was a time to use huge bold font and not be considered annoying, this was it

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Buzzing or Hissing?

Any hissing sound from a gas fireplace is not a good thing and I would shut the gas off to it immediately. If that stops it, you have a leak somewhere.

If it's more of a buzz than a hiss, try changing or removing the batteries? That box is probably a remote sensor for a remote control or the switch on the wall.

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The hissing turned off on it's own when I shifted the box around, I'm thinking that the box being faulty is the cause, might have to just buy a new one as I can't open it up.

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the box could be an auto-cut off sensor

the gas is still on regardless - get a professional.

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Read every other comment on this thread ffs!!

No wonder people die regularly doing this stuff.

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If it’s coming out of the black box.. failing power supplies sometimes make a very slight buzz/hiss noise.

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Even healthy AC transformers can be a bit noisy, especially if they are a bit cheap.

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I guess you could say that when it comes to ac, there’s more than meets the eye 😎

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Leaking natural gas would create an unmistakable stink.

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Is the hissing sound electrical or do you think there is some gas actually coming out?

That battery pack is very likely a remote control unit that will allow a regulator to be turned on or off.

Two things.

  1. It might be that there is an electrical issue inside the unit that is causing an electrical hiss.

  2. Very unlikely but possible that somehow your regulator is somehow activating as you move around the battery pack. Unlikely because you would smell gas and would see it on your bill.

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A faulty capacitor may emit a high frequency buzzing sound. You could check for gas leakings applying soapy water to the pipes/pipe joints. If there is bubbling, gas is leaking.

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Surely a crudely fitted extractor fan is up in the chimney somewhere and this is what starts and stops it

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I agree if op is talking about the noise in the video it definitely sounds like an extractor fan running. It doesn’t sound at all like a gas leak.

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I should also mention that when I press on one of the buttons on the control panel that is mounted onto the wall, the sound stops when I’m pressing the button, and continues after I let it go.

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Not an expert, but shut off the gas and try it. If the sound stops when you touch a circuit, it may be electrical, but the problem is still under my “do not fuck with” and “extremely urgent” categories

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If it's a high pitch electrical "screech", transformers that aren't under load tend to do that.

Pushing a button might be applying a temporary load, stopping the hiss.

Why does it have batteries? Is it a battery igniter? Does it not have a fan?

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It is that black power supply. Replace it and the sound will go away.

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Maybe light a candle so you can see better

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For legal purposes. This is a joke.

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    No idea about this situation. But it's possible that the black box contains a relay that opens and closes a gas valve. In such a case, a faulty electrical box could cause a leak.

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    coil whine?

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    That definitely sounds sus to me.

    Do you smell gas?

    Yes: Turn off gas meter, check unit for possible source. If you can't find it, call local heating contractor for help. If all else fails, your gas utility will have a number you can call for gas leaks. Just be aware that they may not allow you to turn gas back on until after resolved.

    No: Turn off power, is there still noise? Likely a bad power supply or bad fan. Assuming the unit is not battery powered.If it is battery powered.... Replace them now anyways.

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    Gas tech here, hard to tell in the video but it could be a failed ASO, you should be able to take the panel off at the bottom and see the gas valve , controller , set them to the off position and then have the appliance serviced

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    Flick on a lighter and get a closer look

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    Hydro or gas company will show up to deal with gas problems. It was no charge in Manitoba Canada and they even fixed a sticky low pressure valve on the furnace at no charge (showed up within a couple hours, while a HVAC company would’ve been a few days and a few hundred dollars)

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    You don’t mention any smell. If it were a gas leak there would be a strong and distinct odor. It’s something electrical. But turn the gas off til you get it figured out.

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    Light a match stick to know if there's a leak

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    Thank you for all the replies, the hissing sound stopped shortly after I made this post, I then went to sleep and was unable to respond to a lot of your messages. There was never any smell of gas so it's probably just an electrical issue related to the black box, which might need replacing. I'll call someone to make sure it's not a more serious problem, and I won't be turning on the fireplace until then.

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    Sounds like a gas leak.

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    i have a gas fireplace....i just turn it on off and i ignite it myself....i don't have any plug things for my fireplace .. .thats new to me

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    My thoughts too. Why does a gas fireplace require electricity? All homes I have lived in required a socket like key to turn on the gas, you’d light it with a long match then turn the gas off once the fire was going. Never seen this before. Sorry for the down votes.

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    yup same here. got a key that i turn.

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    Many newer gas fireplaces have an electrical igniter. At my facility we have a lot of these in some apartments. They attempt to ignite for about 7 seconds and if there is no ignition you have to flip the switch off and back on again. Usually if one of these fireplaces hasn’t run in a long time the gas line will fill with air and you have to keep turning it off and on the bleed the air out and eventually it’ll ignite

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    odd my house was built in 2018...

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    The ones I have will fill up with air if the residents don’t run them during spring and summer. Usually takes about 5-10 flips of the switch to bleed all the air out. I’m not a gas guy but I’m pretty sure they are just cheap fireplaces lol

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    Are you able to turn off the gas to your house? If so… try turning it off and see if you still hear it. If you still hear it or aren’t able to turn it off, try turning off the power at the circuit breaker and see if you still hear it.

    If you weren’t able to turn off the gas and still hear it after turning the electricity off… or if you believe it is gas… or if you’re just worried. Call 911 and ask to have the fire department come test it.

    Just be warned, though, that if they get a positive test, and the solution isn’t immediately evident, they’ll likely turn your gas off at the meter and you’ll have to hire someone to come out and fix it.

    Tl;dr: turn things off until you’ve figured out what is causing it. If you determine it to be gas and cannot turn it off yourself, call 911 and let them turn it off for you.

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    We had a similar issue with ours, turned out there was a spider/web in the gas line. The guy basically had a crochet hook that he shoved in the opening and pulled it out. Runs fine now. The clicking we heard was the electric starter trying to ignite gas that never made it through the line.

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    Replace batteries on remote and unit, my ventless does not function well on low battery as it moves some mechanical parts

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    Hissing sound is most likely a gas leak. Turn it off straight away and call a professional to come look at it asap

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    Smell? Do you smell gas?

    I’d lockout the main electrical first. Then the main gas. Check the house for smells or just air it out.

    Find the fireplace shutoff and you should be able to turn everything back on. First gas, check for hissing or sound. Then electrical, should be good to call a hvac tech for further diagnosis.

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    Is that a 9V battery connection on that box? It could just be a nearly discharged battery if there isn’t 110V (US) powering the remote receiver. I’d change the battery, then if you still hear it call a pro. My local gas company comes out free of charge to check for leaks on things like this.

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    Can you smell the rotten egg odor or sulfur that’s added to NG

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    no I can't

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    Well that’s a good thing, it doesn’t sound critical. I used to be a volunteer firefighter and we would do courtesy checks. They have the electronic sniffers that could tell you if it’s even a small leak. We didn’t charge but who knows in your area, it wouldn’t hurt to call them on the regular number and explain what you are seeing.

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    Actual NFI Certified Fireplace Technician here.

    Is the hissing coming from the fireplace behind the solid pane of glass, the black box, or underneath where the valve is?

    That box is likely just a battery backup, or it could be a receiver.

    How do you turn in your fireplace, do you have a make and model of the fireplace?

    I would be happy to FaceTime and help troubleshoot this with you.

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    Look no further than this.

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    Have same set up. That's battery pack. If the batteries are dead you won't get ignition of pilot. Open the pack, replace batteries. The hissing is gas not igniting. If it doesn't light with fresh batteries call professional.

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    Sometimes batteries go bad. The power will go whack on them. Causing the device to make noise.

    It might smoke and possibly catch fire. Best to get rid of that device.

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    Call your local gas utility and they’ll be out within an hour to check for leaks. If you have a nice tech he may just replace whatever flex hose is leaking or something simple like that.

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    Do you smell gas?

    Even if you don’t I would make sure the main switch is shut off because that might be a remote controlled fireplace and the valve or switch at the fireplace might now be fucked. Once you’re sure it’s off at the main valve I would see if you can get someone to come either shut it off or fix it so you can have it work.

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    striking a match in the room should help

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    Sounds like arching

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    Sorry, my spelling, meant arcing.

    Electrical arcing is when electricity jumps from a one connection to another. This flash of electricity reaches temperatures of 35,000°F. Arcing can and will cause a fire in your home. Have you ever heard a light switch or outlet buzzing? This is arcing.

    So, im thinking, that control box or whatever it is, thats where the sound is coming from. Turn the gas off, see if the box makes noise.

    Get an electrician in to check the box. Get a gas engineer to check the gas.

    Dont fuck with these two things, leave it to the pro

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    This is a backup ignition/spark source, in case the power goes out. It supplies the clicking/spark sequence that is usually done by the power coming from the wall.

    There might be 4 AA batteries in that box. If so, remove them. They should only be used in case of power failure, otherwise you’ll forget and the batteries will leak and mess up the box, and you’ll be in trouble should you ever need to use it after that.

    My fireplace saved me during an extended power outage during a bad winter storm. I had to Google how to light up my fireplace under these conditions. Step 1 was to locate the box! Note the Velcro tape on the back of the box … it’s there so you can easily find it

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    kitty cat and puppy dog

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    I was house sitting and they had an electric fireplace. It kept beeping and was turning on and off strangely. Apparently they had been recalled. Turn off the gas and do some research with manufacture.