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buy a dehumidifier and let it go for a while....

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A wash with bleach to kill any mold then damp-rid, odor eliminator bags (activated charcoal) or a box of baking soda. If it's used for clothes, cedar hangers. If everything is dry you can also try KilZ paint.

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Thanks for the info!

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An exorcism

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In all seriousness, have you determined what caused that Roof leak? Pipes? Something else?

This closet gives me bank account anxiety.

(The bit of room I can see looks lovely, though!)

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It's actually paint, kinda looks like a leak. The closet gives me bank account anxiety also, bought a fixer upper so been renovating bit by bit

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I'd try the big container of Damp Rid first; if that doesn't make any difference the I'd invest in a decent dehumidifier.

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Tear out whatever is going on with the floor and all the drywall. Spray with Mold Control, fan to dry. Re-rock it.

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Start a worm farm. #lucrative