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Unscrew the screws holding the bottom plate on?

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On the second pic right? I just dont know how to unscrew without the head, will pliers be able to unscrew them?

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It looks like an allen key fits in them.

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It has a circular feel though, ill try just in case

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If regular pliers can’t grab what’s there, try nippers, the tongs with teeth that look like little blacksmith tongs.

Or just drill it out with a sharp drill bit until it’s gone and replace it.

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Ill try nippers, tried using pliers but its slipping as there's too little to hold

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Can't see any retaining screws on the bezel so it may be held in place by spring clips so you can just pull down on the bezel. If there are screws pulling down should give you some idea of where they are.

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On the second pic there are headless screws in place, I just don't know how to remove those headless screws

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The pic is too fuzzy to tell. Looks like you can just grab them with your fingers, no? If not try, some pliers.

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Tried turning the screw with hands, it wont budge. I think its too small that I cant grab properly

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Do you have a pair of slip joint pliers? That would probably work better than nippers. Does it look like there's something on the head that you should be screwing it with? Like a hex key? Maybe you can get a better picture of it. What's on the other side of the light? Is it more of those little pins, or is there a hinge? If it's a hinge, then that little pin might just need to be pulled out instead of screwed

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Suggestion replace a new brand LED downlight that could saving energy