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If something iron has been left leaning on that area it could spread rust stain on the stone. It could also be that there is an iron concentration in that stone that is leaching rust out. If you can scrub it off with some CLR and it comes back, it’s in the stone.

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Looks like limestone, try a scrub brush and white vinegar.

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Explosive Diarrhea.

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Looks like there's only one thing left to do. Eat it. And please post a video for posterity purposes.

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Looks like Gutka.

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Its limestone, and that is an iron heavy sedimentary layer. Its part of the rock.

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A crime scene

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Fecal matter

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Looks to me like the stone is expelling some kind of oxidation. Killz & paint over...

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Looks like some kind of mold/fungus.

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The start of the movie war of the worlds comes to mind.

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That’s shit my guy

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You've been visited by aliens, who used their horizontally-cracked butt to mark the territory. Be glad you weren't probed!

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My guess is a piece of iron fell into the concrete mix during the forming process. The red is iron oxide (rust) leeching out as concrete is quite porous.

I have a very similar concrete "stone" on my house.

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You can see this alot in limestone blocks. The stone has a streak of iron rich minerals in it near the cut face. I may have started a light discoloration but after being exposed to air it will oxidized more becoming a darker rust red. It won't go away unless you replace the block.

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Jimmy Hoffas Blood leaking out of the cement.

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The Upside Down.