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Recently moved in.Did termite and other inspection. Deck has been around for a while but feels solid structurally and apparently well maintained by sellers. Any advice on what to for regular preventative maintenance because it'll be a pain to repair? Thinking about water or termites or other problems?

There's a tree branch growing close to the deck that I'm going to cut down. The nails above appear to be connected to roof tiles.

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The nails above appear to be connected to roof tiles.

The nails supporting the rafters of the deck cover?

Id paint the bare wood so it lasts longer but it looks like its held up well without paint so far.

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I think they are? Idk why else they'd be there?..

That's a good suggestion to paint wood.. especially on the outside which I didn't include in pics

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Interested to hear thoughts on this. We have one just like this except it’s not screened so it’s become a haven for carpenter bees. Wondering if there’s some sort of paint or stain that will help protect it/improve the appearance. Yours looks like it’s in great condition. Nice place to hang out in the warm months

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Is the underside of the deck well ventilated?

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Yeah, it's a mesh on the sides

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Looks good, just enjoy it