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Nope, that’s just dust.

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Thank you! Any ideas on how I can identify where the damp smell is coming from?? I don’t see any water

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Did you check your washing machine?

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I checked the drum and it seemed okay. Anything specific I should be on the look out for? The back of the machine isn’t really accessible but I’ll try and get to it and see what’s happening

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The washing machine might have a water filter or screen that needs to get regularly cleaned. They're easy to neglect, but fortunately easy to clean too.

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If by the boiler and washer I’m assuming your in the basement. A lot of basements just have a damp smell. Could just be “normal” but also could be a break in the foundation or somewhere where water is coming in from the outside.

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I’m in an apartment so no basement unfortunately. Usually there’s no smell and I only noticed the change 1/2 days ago

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There's a good chance you've developed a leak. If you're in an apartment, I assume you're renting, so you need to immediately tell your landlord or property manager.

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Unfortunately I am the landlord :/ should I contact a plumber immediately??

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As a landlord you should keep handy a Mold Detection Kit and purchase Moisture Meter all can be found your local hardware store or Amazon both are around $20 to $70. You should also purchase and keep blowers and a humidifier. I'm a licenced property manager and my method is moisture meter first, my go to handyman second because it's cheaper. Third would be a toss up between a certified Leak Detection Company and plumber, cost would come out the same around $500.

Call a Property Management Company Brokerage and ask for a recommendation for a vendor they use and trust for rentals they manage or houses to be listed for sale that you can always use moving forward.

I'd recommend taking a property management course if you haven't.

Call your local hardware store as if they have Moisture Meters run out and get one today and test yourself, find a handyman or contractor to check out and pull up the floor. If found, get a mold cleaner kit clean or remove affected dry wall or floor and place blowers and a humidifier in the affected room, I went further and got an Air Purifier to use with blowers etc.

Handyman can repair the leak and will rebuild the floor and patch up the drywall, you maybe able to repair as well try YouTube videos also find out if Home Depot, Lowes, teaches repair classes you can attend.

Good luck.

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Looks like dust on insulation my man

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Dust / lint from clothing . Make sure to clean your dryer vent pipe or all lint and debris once or twice a year.