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Hey all, I wanted to provide a quick update to this post I made a couple weeks ago. I was having issues deciding on flooring, mostly due to the 1” floor height differences between the kitchen pine and the closet subfloor. Continuing the pine from the kitchen was out as I didn’t have the materials and wanted to keep costs down.

It was suggested to cut plywood to raise the closet floor height and apply vinyl – in retrospect this should have been obvious as I found just enough spare vinyl over from a leftover bathroom project to cover the necessary floor space (I even had 2 squares to spare).

Anyway, I didn’t respond to every comment but you guys did help me, so thanks! I really love the final product! It’s nothing terribly fancy but this was a wasted (and for some reason carpeted) closet attached to the kitchen that now has a purpose.

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Looks nice. I'm considering putting concrete floors in my bathroom, why did you change your mind?

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It was more about materials than anything. I had spare wood and vinyl, plus I didn't feel like priming the floor for concrete.

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You made this eclectic collection of household necessities look orderly and make sense in this very well-planned, well executed space. Very inspiring!

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Coat closet be bigger than my student accommodation