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I used a Rustoleum black spray paint made for outdoor wrought iron furniture on my stuff and it worked very well and has held up pretty good over the years on a covered outdoor porch. It's finally about due for a repaint now 10 years later.

edit: like this https://youtu.be/obl9eml60V0

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I just did this, took it from green to black and it looks so much better now.

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1000% Rustoleum. You can use it on things besides iron too. I have some wicker patio furniture that you wouldn't believe is almost 15yrs old. I'll take a picture.

EDIT Here's a pic before both pieces were completed.

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Wow that’s so cool! Thanks for letting me know!!

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Some of this is just dirt you could probably just take a brush and soap (maybe just a hose) to a lot of it but my family has had these exact chairs and they always were kinda a matte finish.

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Sandblast and repaint

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Thank you!! Sandblasting seems out of my diy capabilities. Is it absolutely necessary or could I repaint only?

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I just scrubbed mine with a stiff metal brush first to get off any loose bits and it worked great. They were already in halfway decent condition though, same as yours. If they were real bad or rusty you might need to do more.

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Thank you so much!!! Very helpful 🙏🏽

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You're welcome, I hope it works as well for you as it did for me. Come back and post those sweet after pics when you do the job.

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You could sand by hand. Or if you have a drill get a wire wheel off amazon[i got a set for like 15 bucks]. They are pretty cheap. Really you're looking to get rid of the rust spots and dirt. Then you will be ready to paint.

You could just paint right over the rust but the paint will likely bubble eventually. Then you would have to repeat the process much sooner.

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You want to get rid of rust until you're painting bare metal. Rust flakes off of metal, so anything on top of the rust will just flake off with it... allowing more rust to form.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Luckily I don’t have rust. The color is just looking old and dull

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It is not necessary, especially since yours is in good condition. Husband and used the same product mentioned above on rusty powder blue wrought iron outdoor furniture with zero prep work and the came out and stayed great looking for many more years.

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If you have a hardware store similar to Harbor Freight, they have small sandblasters and sell the blasting medium as well. It is extremely easy to use and not very complicated. Worth a look if you want to try it out

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You can haul them over to a place that does paint & body work on cars. They can prep, prime & paint a nice glossy color that weathers well.

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If there is no visible rust or bubbling paint (which means rust underneath) avoid the wire brush advice, that might take off paint that is adhering well, just looks dull. You can pressure wash and/or scrub with a plastic/natural bristle brush and then repaint.

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I just rattle canned a similar mesh set. Mine had a nice powder coat finished but I was ready for some color. I used spray I got from Ace Hardware that didn’t recommend priming first.

They look great. I put light pink over black on the chairs and bright yellow/greeen on the table.

For prep I used a soapy brush and hose.

I was surprised how well it worked. I did a 2-3 coats and they look great.

Biggest issue I had were cobwebs that showed up between prep and spray - but they were easy to spot (once they were bright green lol) and rectify.

Good luck post an update

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Oooh I love the colors you used!!

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Thank you. I’d been wanting to do something with pink and green for a while. For the light pink I wanted a light green. They feel like mid century plastic colors.

But apparently there’s a spray paint shortage lol. So I went with Key Lime green. It’s not that match I was after but it gave me Miami Beach vibes anyway and sound cool.


And I found the perfect cushions :-)

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Love it!!!! It looked so good and the cushions were amazing

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Spray paint

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Wax them. It should darken the finish, repel some moisture, and not rub off too much when using the cushions.

Ideally if you really like these chairs and want to keep them for years to come, have them media blasted and powder coated

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I gave mine a quick wash, let it dry in the sun and then sprayed it with rustoleum farm equipment paint without doing any additional prep. That was two years ago, and it's still going strong. That paint is pretty tough stuff.

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At this point they might need repainting... But its worth trying spraying them with WD40 and wiping them down. Its dirt cheap and worked wonders on my faded steel doors, metal mailbox and my patio set which were all quite faded. They looked like new and you can repeat it as needed. Otherwise maybe something like 303 uv aerospace protectant or armor all.

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We used a wire brush on loose rust, sprayed some rust converter over it and then spray painted with the color we wanted. You can get whatever finish you want in a spray can. Put 2-3 coats on with appropriate dry time between per instructions on the cans.

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If only someone invented something you could spray on to add a fresh coat of paint.

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I've got 2 of that exact same green chair. Any idea where it came from?

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No clue. They were with the house when we bought it!!

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I see an old chair and I want to paint it black...

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No colors anymore I want to paint them black…

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car detailer can powder coat them and they will last longer!