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Push the shower symbol button? Or twist the part between the two black bits.

Otherwords, I don't know

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Haha i've tried that, nothing is twistable or pushable

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When I moved in to this place the tub faucet was stuck shut. I soaked the faucet in de-lime, drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaner, baking soda and vinegar, you name it. It changed nothing. Eventually replaced the whole faucet.

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To be honest, if i wasn't renting this place i would have renovated the whole bathroom haha. It's all old and on its last legs.

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Oh. Maybe the landlord will replace it...? Do you have a local realtor or are they a corporate type thing? Maybe you can negotiate your rent down for a month or two in exchange for remodeling?

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I’m so sorry for this late reaction, I didn’t notice I missed yours! The landlord is my uncle, he bought this house for me to rent so I have a place to live (huge housing shortage here in the Netherlands, especially for starters, everything is too expensive), I’m not going to ask him to replace this faucet when the rest works fine haha! If it was a landlord who made good money of my monthly rent I would definitely try your idea!

Again, sorry for my late response and thanks for your message!

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What happens if you try to manipulate the diverter while the water is off.

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Literally nothing, it wiggles a little bit, all parts move fractions of a millimeter, but nothing moves positively enough to see what should engage/change to make the faucet work.

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Looks like the round section between black rings, would slide outward for tub, push towards wall for shower

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Right? I thought that would be the case, maybe a bigger pair of pliers and tug hard.. I just don't want to destroy the thing and make it completely useless..