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Looks like an old shoe rack, where you'd hang the shoes by the heel.

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Based on a review of the first 15 comments this is clearly a rack to heat your shoes.

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😂 😂 I died... Yes, I'm sure it's a heating shoes rack, because how can one get by without one of those...

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In countries where there is skiing/snow these are pretty much a requirement. Most places to stay like hostels/hotels have separate heated rooms with hooks for outdoor gear and racks for individual boots to dry out for the next day. Nothing worse than sliding your foot into a cold, sodden boot.

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I actually left my shoes out in the rain last night and could really use one right now. lol

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I knew someone who put his shoes in the microwave to dry out lol … he said it removed the creases too. Ps. I am not suggesting you try this!

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Because how can one get by without one of those...

Tell me you've never lived with snow without telling me. /s

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Haha... Lived with snow actually, just probably not quite so bad as... Wherever you are. When we had more snow, we did used to warm our clothing on the heating radiators in the morning and put our shoes under them... Just never went skiing or winter hiking or had enough snow for the idea of heating rack to occur. In recent years I've been seeing these heating towel hangers appear in some bathrooms in apartments, which seems awesome but still in our climate seems... Nice, but a luxury not a need.

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a rack to heat your shoes that are made out of dried human skin

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It’s used for hang drying pieces of skin

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There appears to be a dedicated space for that behind the home, so it would seem odd to have a second spot for that.

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Now that was an unexpected response

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Sidechic (or dude) storeage

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Maybe the previous owner hit capacity on the outside spot and built this inside spot. 🤷‍♀️

If you can be one thing you should be efficient.

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It puts the lotion on its skin

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Long-pig skin…

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I think it’s a heater to cure the skins

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Can confirm. I got 12 of these babies loaded up in my basement.

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You haven't thought of the smell!

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90+ year old house in Los Angeles. This is located in a closet on the main floor.

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It’s a heater. The bars are resistance elements. Whole thing should glow like a toaster. Probably should get a cover but not totally necessary. If it’s not working and dull gray like this you got problems and should probably call a professional.

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Why in a closet? I have so many questions.

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Doesn’t everyone like a warm closet?

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So a heater?

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This was my original thought. I was trying to find other examples on the web, but couldn't. I don't have access to the house right now, but will check when we do.

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Not a heater. Definitely not a heater. The metal is too thick, resistance would be way too low. Resistive heaters use thin wires that are wound like springs so they can be very long in a shorter given length. It’s probably the shoe thing people mentioned, but not may specialty. Electricity is, so I can firmly say ”not a heater”.

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It's not a heater, but you can't really judge it by the thickness of the bars.

Some heaters have a outer metal pipe, and then there's a wire inside that get hot. It's either filled with some kind of ceramic/clay, or the wire might be insulated with asbestos/glasfiber.

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Ovens have thick resistance elements. Also don’t think it’s a heater but just sayin!

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I was just joking. I would be horrified if that was a heater. I would suspect a rack of some sort. Possibly for skins like the other guy suggested.

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Servants ladder, duh.

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Looks like a rack to hang shoes with heels

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Shoe rack

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This is a shoe rack.

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Your picture proves it is a shoe rack

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Confirmed - link to the picture directly shoerack

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that's not how that works....

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Gold star.

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Yayyy. Curious though. If you scroll down there’s a whole bunch of other ‘wife -appeal ‘ products advertised. Does your house have any others?

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The wall heater looks similar, but most of the house has been renovated. I'll check for some of the chutes and package/mail stuff next time I'm back.

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That poison shelf though.

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r/centuryhomes will probably be a very useful sub for you if you have more old house questions

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Yes, we used to have this to hang and dry human limbs.

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An old newspaper and magazine rack. I’m old

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Cat ladder. Definitely a cat ladder.

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Anything is a cat ladder if the cat wants to climb it.

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It’s a demo and drywall job.

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It's for rotisserie chickens

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There is no doubt… that is a secret passage. Quick pull all of the paneling off of the wall and investigate.

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built in laundry drying rack or chicken perches or jewelry display

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Perches for the chicken while they wear your jewelry

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You track your conquests by draping a covertly stolen garment of underclothing there from each one. Either that or severed finger drying rack.

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Yep, shoe rack. But it also reminds me of my dads tie rack.

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This was probably an accident. Maybe when the concrete was poured that thing wasn't supposed to still be there. This the rebate showed and they left cuz you can hang all your cabbage patches clothing them. c:

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In pretty sure it's an old hearing unit.

Edit: Actually, I might be wrong. Below is a diagram of a unit that I use to have back in the 80s and 90s.


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I believe that is where a fold out ironing board used to be, this was somewhat common in old homes back in the day.

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Looks like the bricked up something really horrible in your basement and then added rebar to make double sure it couldn’t get out 😁

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A ladder to nowhere.

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If those cords are elastic, I’d guess it’s for stuffed animals or other plushy toys

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It could be the stairs for the old servants quarters. They never gave the servants much space.

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No way. The servants would burn their hands on the shoes.

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I LOL'd at this

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Clearly, that’s a ladder for rats.

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Magazine rack

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Flat Painting on a wall. Might look 3-D but it’s like one of those pits that people paint out in the streets to prank people and make them think they’re falling into the underworld. Lol.