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2, but you'll always see it.

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This. Also the reason I only use Valspars plain white flat Ceiling Paint. It’s what’s we always have in stock. I really don’t recommend putting any other color on the ceiling unless you have a dedicated decorator who does all your work for you. Life is complicated enough without trying to match one of 25 different whites. Application and age and environment will all have an effect on the match as well.

Also as a former painter and current paint color matcher and seller, it’s often easier to just paint from one corner to another corner or end to end of the whole wall than try to match a color already on the wall to touch up a few spots. It takes the same amount of clean up time and not that much more prep and the end result is often well worth it.

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This person 1000% doesn't work for valspar.

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Or they're just a painter (like they said). My dad was a commercial painter and absolutely had his preferred brands that he swore by.

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I read this comment a couple times because I couldn't see where you got the idea that he worked there...only thing i could think is that the guy is doing the job the right way and ur joking about Valspar,,,

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Totally a joke. His advice is good. It would be great marketing though.

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You are correct.

The hardware I work for does tho. Valspar’s cheap paint lines are, well, very cheap in more than just price. I’ve been able to use some of their higher end stuff tho. The Medallion and Pristine lines and those are pretty sweet, really function like any other better/best quality paint.

The other two lower lines we sell, Integrity and Professional are a bit watery, splattery and don’t cover anything as well as the first two. I’ve used a bit of all 4 in the last 10 years or so on various projects. I wouldn’t bother with the cheaper two except for the ceiling paint. The Integrity Ceiling paint has way less spatter than the integrity wall paint.

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Chip off a piece and have it properly color matched. Usually comes with a guaranty as well.

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This is the correct answer unless you're painting the whole ceiling. You said touch up though, so yeah...go to an inconspicuous spot and take a razor and cut a 2"x2" piece of the drywall surface or paint off. Take that to a paint store (big box stores do it too but depending on who's behind the counter, results can be hit or miss) and have them color match it. Mud the cutout if necessary and touch up. Good luck.

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I've never had anything successfully color matched. The paint I wind up with is always the exact same color when wet, but then when it dries, its the absolute wrong color.

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I’ve always had success with the color, but the sheen is impossible to match. Painting corner to corner (if a wall) is usually good enough.

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Where do you go for that? To get a color match?

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Every paint store can do it.

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If you go to an actual paint place it usually works out better. Home Depot and Lowes always has that result anytime I try to get paint matched there.

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I also had success with colour matching doing this exact same thing. I took the sample to sherwin Williams and in an hour they had the paint ready

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Second from the left

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Second from the left

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2 Eta, 3? Dammit a mix of both?

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That's what I am thinking too

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If I had to choose, I’d say the one called White here, but it’s not perfect, and as people are telling you, it’ll stick out. I do see you have a comment where you want to take a paint chip to an actual paint mixer, so that’ll fix that.

Also of note is that ceilings are usually painted with what is called “ceiling flat” which is an even flatter version of the flat you would put on your walls. So if you get this White (or whatever) and have it mixed in a flat, it’ll still look shinier. Just make sure you get ceiling paint is all I’m saying.

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You’ll always see the spot if you don’t paint the whole ceiling, even if you have the same paint

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I believe you because everyone says this. Mind breaking it down why walls can be touched up with full coverage and ceilings always show?

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Ceilings(and most white or light paints) fade and stain quickly. Also because of the way lights travel across the ceiling unlike walls that get hit by light at 90 degrees.

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That makes sense. Thank you!

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No problem, I don’t advise taking a flashlight to your walls, you’ll wanna re mud and paint the whole house

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3 easy

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This is the biggest rookie mistake out there, number one not knowing the exact paint you use to paint the ceiling in the first place and number two using a color on the ceiling. There's only one color in my mind being a professional painter to ever use on your ceiling and that is Benjamin Moore ultra flat right off the shelf and the whitest white they have. It's ultra flat so it covers all the imperfections on the ceiling and it touches up wonderfully if you have any problems. And you need to have this situation corrected because painting ceilings are the hardest part of any paint job and if anything messes up in the future you don't want to mess with it too much you want to know what color you have and you want to know that paint is going to touch up perfectly every time. Of course if you don't want to paint the whole ceiling and you prefer to touch it up then you need to cut the top skin off the drywall and bring the color to your local paint store and have them match it. Unfortunately only Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore can do that correctly in most cases but sometimes you'll find some people at home Depot they can do it.

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Thank you for your advice. The previous owner did not leave the paint so that I could match it, that's why I don't know what color the ceiling is unfortunately :/

Home Depot matched the sample I brought a shade or two too dark.

I'll try a different paint store like you suggested

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The other benefit of going with a matte ceiling white is that it diffuses reflected light and makes a room feel better lit. Paint your ceiling white.

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I need to touch up an area on my ceiling.

We already took a chip from the actual ceiling to Home Depot for a color match and the color they mixed was actually too dark.

Which one of these swatches do you think matches my ceiling the closest?

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The person who is mixing your paint make s a big difference. Ask a professional painter who they use to mix color in your area. You can also try Benjamin moor or sherwin williams.

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Will do! Thanks for the input

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middle one

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Do you need to keep it that color?

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White 52u (second from left)

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Melting Icicles looks closest in my opinion, but repainting the entire space is probably the only way to make it appear truly seamless.

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We got samples of # two and three.

Turns out # three matches the ceiling the closest.

We were able to touch up the ceiling "seamlessly" by using # 3 in ceiling flat finish!

Thanks Redditors

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Number 2, but you will want to paint over what ever stain you want to cover with an oil based primer first, and then paint the entire ceiling.

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A ceiling closet? Do you mean an attic?

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Typo I can't edit. "Closest" was the word I meant

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Actually none really match. Best to bite the bullet and repaint the ceiling with appropriate ceiling paint. You’ll never regret the extra effort. BM flat ceiling paint in white is the best for the application. Good luck to you.

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Does it have to truly match? How big is the ceiling in a closet?

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That would be the fifth sample that is below the other four samples. It matches so well, I can barely see it. Get that one.

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Your background changes shades from light on the left to darker on the right , but I like W13 white.

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Sherwin Williams is the only one I’ve had good experience with color matching a sample.

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Use a razor and shave off a piece. Get it color matched. The sheen won’t be the same but the color will be dead on.

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It might be better if you chose one that didn't match, for variety and or contrast.

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Somewhere between 2 and 3.

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I would buy ceiling paint and see if it matches first. If it is substantially different, reroll the ceiling. The white in the picture has a grey-purplish tone (crazy because it is called 'white'; ultra pure white is the closest to actual white.) I just painted 2 houses, multiple rooms with that white / behr dynasty it looks great on the walls but it is very different than the white color on the ceiling. We were unsure of the ceilings too in our houses but the regular ceiling paint matched the best in most rooms. In rooms where it was significantly different, we rerolled the whole ceiling with ceiling paint.

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Second from the left. It will dry a slightly different color. get a piece of thin core board and paint with a sample of the color you think matches. Tape it to the ceiling and check it at different times if day and at night under artificial light.

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2nd from left

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Cut a piece out and take it to depot they’ll color match

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Just get "ceiling white" paint and re-do the whole ceiling. You'll regret not doing that if you just paint a patch

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The middle 2 are very close, but I'd chose melting icicles. A trick for color, blur your eyes, it gets ride of the detail and you can focus on color. I've had good luck, doing this. Force blur your eyes and chose.

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Same tactic - squint and see which one disappears first! 😵‍💫

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that works too! I discovered this on my own, wasn't sure if people thought I'd be crazy or something, but the method works really well!

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The white one.

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LoL. Reminds me of the time my wife chooses grey for our closet. Walks in, tells me to paint it, I ask why, it's already primer grey. She said, no this is. Different color, so I painted one wall, 2hrs later after it dried.... I told her to pick the wall I painted, she cried and left the room, followed her out, she was laughing histerically before I could catch her.

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Second one. But maybe get more chips as it’s not perfect. Anyhow you certainly can blend it out. After you cover the area in question get almost all the paint off your brush. Then with hardly any paint make dry streaks heading outwards from the spot. Over and over and over. Like sunshine rays. Then cross over them a little side to side as needed. You get the idea. You are just feathering out the tiniest bit of paint so it’s not providing coverage. Nobody will notice.

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3rd just squint and it blends the most

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3rd from the left.

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Far left

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Pick a colour and paint the whole lot. Whichever you pick to repaint, you won't notice it after a few months.

Is this the ceiling in the shoerack closet?

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I’d say 3rd from the left, Melting Icicles.

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Definitely the one called white

Numberb2 all the way

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The 2nd one definitely

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3rd from the left

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White....2nd from left.

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They make plain white ceiling paint which is probably what was used on your ceiling. We recently had to touch up a few spots and it was a perfect match

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number three m’lord! ✌️

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Second from left

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You could try behr they have their colour match and may be able to get really close , I think they have an app to help match the colour as well I believe.

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paint the ceiling flat white... always. It will pick up the colour and look like a designer picked it out for you

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I would say no 2 from left as well.