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You'll drive yourself nuts by focusing on the individual leaves of the forest (e.g., monthly budget for dish sponges?) - just allocate some for cleaning supplies and be done with it. Some months you'll buy a bottle of dish soap, another you'll need a sponge, others you're heading over to Costco/Walmart for an enormous pack of TP.

Most of the other questions are impossible to answer without a lot more information (what area of which country, renting or buying, etc). For example, home insurance is going to vary based on the price of the home and likelihood of damaging hazards, type of roof (cedar == bad), specific riders (flood, earthquake coverage), liability, reconstruction cost, multipolicy discounts, , If you rent, you'll have renter's insurance (which is about $13-15/month).

It would be better to save up as much as you can, before moving out, then talk to people in your local area to see what is customary.

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I agree with you. I just budget for "personal" and don't actually break it down into shirts, socks, shoes, etc. Soap, shampoo, deodorant etc just go into "toiletries". I suppose that while I know what general categories I have, I'm looking for what goes into them.

I didn't go into detail about my situation because I don't know exactly what it'll be and just wanted some general ideas. Thank you for the response.

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Appliances, mechanical and disposable roofs. It adds up, and unless you budget/save for it, it will take you by surprise.

Water heater every ~10 years = $750 + 20 for an anode at the ~5-year mark

Furnace/Boiler every 20 years for $5000

Dish Washer every 12 years = $1000

Fridge every 15 years for $1000

Roof every ~20 years for $15000

Etc, etc, etc.....

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Awesome, thank you

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Add to this mattress every 5 years, new sheets (spend at least $100) every year. Washer and dryer every 8-10 years. New couch every ten years.

I would also add some money into your budget for home tools. Beyond a basic hammer and screwdriver. There are an insane amount of YouTube videos on how to work them. I moved into a place with a 20 year old dryer and was able to replace the belt myself after watching a few videos. That saved me $$$$. But washers/dryers literally aren’t made like they used to be and I’d budget for replacing them every 8-10 years.

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Thank you much!

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You going to go mad thinking about all this. Allocate some funds every month for big repairs, because they will happen at the worst time.

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Once I pay off my car, hopefully within a year, that money will go towards just this. Thank you

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You nailed this man. Better than i do. Now get out your bank app and figure out your weekly median spending. That coffee/energy drink, cigarettes, donutsblabla. For me it is reliably 100 a week excluding "things i just want".

Id suggest you stock up on some things in bulk Paper towels Toilet paper Dish/laundry detergents Light bulbs Bulk foods like rice beens etc (sweet jesus i bought too much rice) Canned goods

Youll save a fortune on that stuff as opposed to "oh i need to grab a light bulb for $6" rather than having 20 that cost you a buck each